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Dynamic Fishing

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I would love to go out on a boat with a group of friends and go fish for BIG fish 😄


Fishing could become a social pass time that has the potential to bring in good money. Alternating fishing zones could have different types of fish, some small crappy ones, others massive highly valuable ones. People would be encouraged to go explore fishing areas in boats to find the best area to fish.

Piracy could also be a good avenue for roleplay with pirates looking to rob people for their fish.

Fishing limits could also be introduced with the cops going out on boats looking for people "overfishing"

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Fishing is kind  nice if there would not be stupid people who think than its fun to rob fisherman 

Congratulations to guys who think they are cool by doing that . You are not its stupid guys and there is no any IC reason to do that . 

I support this idea to make it more Dynamic and should add more place where you can do it not only the Los Santos Pear 

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