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David_Ghost (punshiment appeal)

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Account name:
Character name(s): David_Ghost

Admin who issued punishment:
Date of punishment:5/1/2019
Punishment received:48hours

Reason given for punishment: Deahmatch 

Your explanation of what happened:

first of all deathmatch it's not worthy of ban.it should be rather result with imprison since it's an light offense rule.
 because i was playing samp and  this the right action
should be taken aganist player.no offense but this a stupid punishment

Ok lets go to the main topic. me and my friend were driving around then we passed by store we sees someone and we decide to rob him
suddenly when i was typing my  chracter was shooting at the guy without begin aware nor seen him.according to the video it's shown that it was me 
who killed him.it's a misunderstanding it's somehow a bug occured while i was typing which lead my charater to kill him 

I need an admin to look very carefuly at the provided video that the player posted it.there's a good evidence that i didn't shoot him which my character 
actualyl did it 

I also explained on report complaint. of what happened .but admin didn't bother to see my stroy side and he strightway banned me 

that was a fucking injustice

Why should your appeal be accepted?:

Because I am innocent I didn't shoot him on purpose. all I wanted to do is robbing him.i had no fucking intention of killing him!!
why the fuck I would do that such a stupid thing and get my self into trouble

Post any evidence or further details:

I need an admin to look very carefully in the provided video that the player posted it.it's obviously shown that my character was shooting at him when I was typing, you can't shoot someone and type at the same time there's

another proof. my friend hit me accidentally with his car.you can't shoot someone when you're on the ground and began fall to off.you have to stand still to able to shoot


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Hello @GhostDisaster, and thank you for the appeal

When I reviewed the footage several times,I gathered it was Deathmatching

I saw no attempt in /b to explain the accident that happened, however if a higher up decides otherwise that is okay with me, my decision was nothing personal, but until then the punishment will remain in place.

Pending Senior Admin+

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Sorry for not responding early as iam not always active on forum.iam sure i reported to get him revived

Anyway there's no point of my appeal staying opened since iam already unbanned.it can be closed

Edited by GhostDisaster

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