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Nicholas Harm - Nicholas Harm (Fear RP Warn Appeal)

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Account name: Nicholas Harm

Character name(s): Nicholas Harm

Admin who issued punishment: Hazel

Date of punishment: 5/1/2019

Punishment received:  warning for Fear Roleplay. ( Fear Roleplay #1 | Normal )

Reason given for punishment: " It is evident from the footage that Nicholas Harm did in fact break the Fear Roleplay rule as he had more than enough time to comply and on top of that used his radio while at gun point."

Your explanation of what happened: I thought these guys were allies, as I explained in the first complaint and I was asking on radio if we were still allies. 

Why should your appeal be accepted?: I never asked for backup. I never said a location. I thought it was a misunderstanding

Post any evidence or further details: shouldnt me loosing all my stuff and my vehicle be enough punishment


This states "you can not call 911, call your friends or allies to aid you" and I didnt. I never called for help, was just going to ask if clowns were still allies. But I was killed before I could say anything.



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Thank you for making this appeal.

This appeal will remain pending response from @Hazel and review from a Senior Administrator or above, until further notice.

Your patience is appreciated. 

Kindest Regards,
Eclipse Roleplay Administrator

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Thank you for the appeal @Harm


That report was discussed with @Marco Davis and if he wishes he may give his side as well.


As stated in the report, you had more than enough time to comply before they shot you, instead you decided to walk towards the clowns, disregarding their demands and eventually use your radio. Your reasoning for using the radio was to ask if the clowns were still allies, which you could have done after the whole situation not during it. Now besides that, in the report it was mentioned that "Hey guys" could have been a code word and I am inclined to agree with them. They had every right to suspect that you were calling or were about to call backup and in the end everything mentioned prior was in contradiction of Fear Roleplay.

I would also like to mention that a first offense is only warning on your account and serves as a reminder.


I recommend the punishment remain in place.

Pending review from a Senior Administrator or above.

Kind regards,

Hazel | Senior Support


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My main concern is that I thought they were our allies. So why would I fear them. And that “hey guys” really couldn’t be a code word. I was killed before I even finished saying “hey guys”

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Because they had you at gun point, that would be why you would fear them and not casually talk over the radio while at gunpoint.

The punishment will remain in place please review the Fear RP rule and please try to portray a realistic reaction to other players aggressions as you would hope others would provide for you attempting to do the same to them in the future.

Thanks for the appeal.

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