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Relax151 - Kevin Chicago (Punishment Appeal)

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Account name: Relax151

Character name(s): Kevin_Chicago


Admin who issued punishment: BallinByNature

Date of punishment: I don't remember the date.

Punishment received: Permanently


Reason given for punishment: Combat Logging #4


Your explanation of what happened: Well In my words , this situation happened about more than half of a year , that time I was stupidly dumb and I was not respecting the server rules , so I was always logging if I was killed or Police raided. So in that Situation we were raided by a police and I left the server in mid of it.

Why should your appeal be accepted?: You should accept my appeal , because I grew up in those 6-8 month's and I know how to respect the rules that the server / community gives and I also know how to respect people now. Also I would like to get that chance because I have few friends here playing and they recommend to everyone to play here and I just want to return to this community. Its the only community in Rage MP that I know that has a great people that actually know how to RP.

Post any evidence or further details: N/A

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If I will be given a chance , I will reread the server rules few times till it will be stuck in my head.

Before anything I will do I will check if I'm gonna break a rule or the RP will be successful.

I will start enter-acting with players more rpwise and respect others.

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