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Mask 1304_2167 7.1.4 Fear roleplay

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 1304_2167
Date of rule breach: 12/23/18
Time of rule breach: Around 7:50 pm EST

Your characters name: Colby Lidstrom
Other players involved: Dardan Mayor, Zilian Dent, Eli Reece, Zac Wrzosek

Specific rule broken: 

How did the player break the rule?:
The player was injured on the ground after being shot, while my friend attempted to remove his mask the player ignored the roleplay and called Police on his phone, I tried to warn him in /ooc before calling the cops that it was not allowed, my friend also rp'ly smashed the players phone ( He is injured therefor not in a place to retaliate as stated in the rules ) and continued the phone call. 

Evidence of rule breach:
Video in comments
( Not my perspective, wasn't recording at the time of the situation. ) 


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31 minutes ago, MusketDeezNuts said:

Hello and thank you for making a player report. @37hh the video is unavailable for me, Any chance you can upload it to youtube or another streaming website? 

Jim_Statham // Mask 1304_2167 has 24 hours to respond with his defense. 

REGARDS: MusketDeezNuts
RANK: Administrator.
DISCORD: @MusketDeezNuts#1780

If you don't mind I've pm'd you an unlisted link of the video as it contains our factions radio frequency while leaving the reported party with enough evidence to respond to.


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59 minutes ago, Matriks said:

Hey, I called police cuz you fully killed one of my friends, so I knew you're going to kill me aswell, + I was 3 ticks away from death so medic or police had 0 chance to save me it means I was dead no matter what.

Hey! Which friend? In the video and screenshot you can see both of your friends still alive and breathing. Regardless of how close you were to death, pd still responds to the call. The fact you said " I got robbed at LSD LAB lots of heavy guns " giving no information of how you were injured, and when we only used pistols, makes me think you knew you were doing to die and still wanted the lab destroyed so you don't take a complete loss, and get us back in some way. I feel both statements you just responded with were complete bullshit, apologies for the language !

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Hello everyone. and I hope you all have a great Christmas. 
I have come to a conclusion about this report.


@Matriks Jim_Statham // Mask 1304_2167
shall recieve the following offenses on his/her profile.

  • FearRP | Offense #3 | If you are injured and in "downstate", FearRP still has to be followed. 
  • NonRP | Level Increase | For ruining and stopping the RP for the other party.
  • FailRP | Offense #2 | For failure to continue RP or respond to RP with /me and /do's

When you are downed, The RP is not over. FearRP would still be active until the New Life Rule is triggered, or you are revived by a medic and the attacks are not in the area anymore, You cannot call 911 if those attackers are still present with active firearms. 

RANK: Administrator.
DISCORD: @MusketDeezNuts#1780

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