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Mask 6102_9715 Mercy kill

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 6102_9715 
Date of rule breach:24.11.2018
Time of rule breach: 2:07 gtm+1 

Your characters name: Jaime Brown
Other players involved: Mask 3497_9233

Specific rule broken:
Mercy-Killing is a form of deathmatching and non-roleplay that describes when a player attacks or kills another player who 
is injured in order to expedite their death process. This can result in a deathmatching classed punishment. 
If the player being killed, asks to be killed, the player asking to be killed is breaking the non-roleplay rule.

How did the player break the rule?: you can clearly see on the video that Mask 6102_9715 is mercy killing his friend Mask 3497_9233. you can stop the video on 0:06 and see all the names.
Mask 6102_9715 have a bag on himself, in the end of the video you can see the guy with a bag shooting on his injured friend.

Evidence of rule breach:



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I was mile away fighting vs your 2 friends. When I killed them I straight away ended them. I wanted to end you too, but misunderstanding happend and I ended my friend for accident because I though that its you. Im sorry if I ruined RP and Im ready to take punishment if needed^^

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bullshit i dont belive you...you saw you friend running to me when i was injured.....and plus your friend is wearing orange you can see from a airplane difference between orange and green.

and your friend first looted me then your friend...in that moment you was pretty close to ur injured friend.

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When my friend started looting you I was ending your friends at the moment and when I turned to your side I saw my friend looting guy so I though that its you. 

If you really dont believe me, you can acually check In Game by yourself if you can see from that distance colors when man is laying on the ground. 

And I mean you are mad because we were robbing, killing you all day. Thats the reason why you dont believe me. 

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Hello everyone.

I shall deny the report based on doubt. Stuff can happen in the heat of the moment. And I have my doubts on the defending parties story but it would be wrong for me to punish someone if I am not 100% sure.


RANK: Administrator.
DISCORD: @MusketDeezNuts#1780

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