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Stranger 7733_7552 (7.8 Rp logging , 7.1.2 Fear RP)

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Player(s) being reported: Stranger 7733_7552
Date of rule breach: 12/23/2018
Time of rule breach: around 5 GMT

Your characters name: Mahyar Vierri
Other players involved:

Specific rule broken:
"7.1.2 Examples, where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger:
• When you are on foot and a weapon is aimed at you at close range. 
7.8 Combat and roleplay logging
7.8.1 Players must not disconnect from a roleplay situation to avoid negative IC consequences. If you crash, you must
reconnect to the server and inform the other parties and attempt to resume the roleplay scenario.
7.8.2 In a situation, where a player’s game crashes or the player is kicked from the server, they should be allowed to have the
same advantages as they have had before their leave. "

How did the player break the rule?: me and my friends saw this guy getting inside his house so we was waiting on the door so the moment he comes out we Rob 
him and if it was possible get inside his house and Steal what ever is inside and the Server Crashed , so we Connected
as soon as possible to Resume RP and as you can see in video he Logs back in and saw our ambush then he decide to Breach Fear RP and get back 
inside , when i Massaged him that you are Breaking server rules and The Rp must Resume Fair he said i was coming to my house to log off so i am going to do it.
we even Used Ingame /report and admins Rejected my report , it keeps happening that players who might lose alot of Valuable stuff breach rules.

Evidence of rule breach: 

and there is Evidence of me asking him to come out and Resume Rp and he refused.



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After seeing the video, it looks like proof of fearrp. As seen in the next screencap is that the server has been restarting and crashing. What happened was I was on my way back to my house to log off. He followed me. After entering my house, he followed me in as well. I then pointed an AK at him and he left the house. The server crashed before i could put it in my stash. I came back from the crash and it crashed again. 

The plan was to log off for me and he was out of the house and that was it. After he left the house, the door was locked and the RP situation was over. I have been made aware in the past that you need to enter a house in order to leave the house, hence why admins cannot teleport to a player then leave the house properly. After the restart I was trying to make sure that the dimension issues wouldn't be an issue. He just-so-happened to be waiting outside my door with a gun at me the whole time. He obviously had the advantage as i load in quicker for him then he would for me because i have to load in the world around him too. I went back in because it was an ooc issue and was supposed to end there. I then explained in a quick PM conversation then logged.

That is my side of the story.

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Hello again,


After some deliberation with a senior moderator we agreed that no punishment will be issued. The provided evidence was unfortunately too little with only a 5 second clip and 2 screenshots, which is not enough evidence to make a correct decision, especially as the server was experiencing stability issues with frequent crashes.

Besides the above waiting outside of a house door for someone to come outside could be considered Powergaming as you'd have a pretty big advantage due to the script teleporting players in and out of the house. In real life if someone was waiting outside of your door with a gun then you'd have a chance to react as you are opening the  front door.


Report Denied &' Archived

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