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Jason Costana

Stranger 4798_3058 (VDM)

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Player(s) being reported: Stranger 4798_3058
Date of rule breach: 22/12/2018
Time of rule breach: Around 22.15 UTC +2

Your characters name: Jason Costana
Other players involved: No one else was involved.

Specific rule broken: 7.3 Vehicle deathmatch
7.3.1 Vehicle deathmatch is identical to deathmatch, however, the rule explains how vehicles should not be used as weapons.
How did the player break the rule?: As you can see in the video, I saw a civilian driving a cab. I decide to go after the man, then I return to the DCC HQ, and I see the man in his car,
 so I pull my gun out and try to make him leave the vehicle, which he does not do. Then I start shooting his car in order to stall it so that Fear RP would come into effect and he would have to leave his car so I could call the cops. I did not succeed in trying to stall the car, but then all of a sudden, the man hits me and reverses back into me, making me injured.

Evidence of rule breach: 
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Alright after looking at the evidence further I have decided that Jimi_Miami is in violation of the VDM rule as well as non rp behaviour due to the way he was driving the car and how he intentionally hit a player twice his car. 

Player Jimi_Miami will receive a punishment for VDM and Non RP.

Report Closed.

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