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Stranger 2224_2264 (Non rp)

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Player(s) being reported: Stranger 2224_2264
Date of rule breach: 23/12/2018
Time of rule breach: Around 1ish GMT time. Not too sure.

Your characters name:Edward Diaz
Other players involved:Brendan (4342_1430) + Jamie (Mask 5068_6151)

Specific rule broken:
6.6 Non-roleplay
6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay.

How did the player break the rule?: So we were at the gas station, and we told this guy to get off his bike,
but he did not comply. Therefore, we chased him, shot his wheels, and he went flying up the hill which was 
clearly not realistic. Gravity/Force would kill him.

Evidence of rule breach:https://streamable.com/p1iz1


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Hello and thank you for making this report.

Stranger 2224_2264 (Jimmy_Hollywood) | You will have 24 hours to respond with your side of the story - I could not find an associated forum account for this user and so he will be notified in-game.

@Khanny Stranger 3876_6128 (Edward_Diaz) | You will have 24 hours to respond with the reasoning behind why you began shooting at his bike. As the deathmatching rule stats:



7.2.1 Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player (or damaging their property) without a proper roleplay reason. An attempt to break this rule will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

The proper roleplay reasons for attacking someone are stated as follows:



7.2.2 Examples of valid reasons to attack another player:
• If they attempt to harm, hurt you or damage your property (or if they attempt to do the same to your friends or allies), this also includes an attempt by the police to arrest someone;
• If they report you to the police for a committed heavy crime, however, if someone reports you for a light crime, such as illegal parking, then the reason is insufficient;
• If they are not in compliance with the demands or if they attempt to escape or call other players for help;

I see none of these reasons in the video to actively attack the player. He had not yet been given enough time to respond to any demands or comply with any demands and you made no attempt make yourselves known to the biker before instantly attacking him. In the video you give him just under 3 seconds to comply with your demand to pull over, this is not considered enough a reasonable amount of time before you an attack them for non-compliance. 


Pending Responses. 

~ Aldari_Tagril.

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We told him to get off the bike before but he did not comply, I do not have evidence of that because I cropped it. However, you can ask the two players who were involved with me as witnesses. We told him before at the gas station to get off the bike to get off, however, he did not. Then we chased him and told him to pull over multiple times, which he did not. So I do think I have a roleplay reason to shoot at his tires. Which I think is a reasonable reason.

Regards, Edward Diaz. 

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Hello, I have decided to conclude this report with the following:

Stranger 2224_2264 (Jimmy_Hollywood) | You will receive a punishment for Non-RP behaviour Offense #1 (Majore) 

  • This will be issued for jumping up a hill with a sports bike, a vehicle specifically designed to be on the road and not designed to be jumped in that manner.

Stranger 3876_6128 (Edward_Diaz| You will receive a warning as a note on your account that you have been reminded of the deathmatching rules

  • This will be issued for attacking another player without sufficient reason. In normal circumstances I would be issuing a deathmatching offense, however given our experience and relatively clean record I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt that you did indeed give the player chances to comply prior to the video. 


Report Accepted & Archived.

~ Aldari_Tagril

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