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Report on Jack_Rhino (Mask 552_6400)

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Player(s) being reported: Jack_Rhino --> (Mask 552_6400)
Date of rule breach: 18/12/2018
Time of rule breach: Around 23:15

Your characters name: Azarav Dimitri, Laura Aky
Other players involved: -

Specific rule broken:
3.3.2 Offensive language (Picture 1)
6.6 Non-roleplay (Clip 1)
7.1 Fear roleplay (Clip 2)
6.2 Pause of roleplay (Clip 3)

How did the player break the rule?:
He jumped in the water. Drove off from a gunpoint. Paused roleplay. Insulted me in OOC.

Evidence of rule breach: 

Clip 1: Jumping in water to avoid roleplay


Clip 2: Came back to get his motorcycle and drove away from a gunpoint.


Clip 3: Pausing roleplay because he is waiting for an admin (which is not allowed).

Picture : OOC Insult on his video.



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Hello again,

First of all I will be linking the other report here as it contains Jack Rhino's answers to the whole situation:


After deliberating this case with a senior moderator I have come to the following conclusion:


Jack Rhino will receive a warning for jumping into water. You are not allowed to use the water to escape a situation. 

After that, neither side really broke the Fear Roleplay or Deathmatching rules. Whilist Azarav did only give one warning, he did have you at gunpoint as well, meaning that Jack should have displayed Fear Roleplay, however in the other report against Azarav it was mentioned by Jack that he did not hear that warning, which I am going to give Jack the benefit of the doubt for as with the current VOIP situation he might have not. Vehicles with engines on do provide some protection and the ability to disregard Fear Roleplay, however in the case of bikes the actual physical protection does not basically exist, which means Azarav still had every right to shoot you as well as you left the area while he was pointing a gun at you and demanding you to put your hands up. In the end I don't believe either side really broke Fear Roleplay or Deathmatching inherently as you could argue for both sides being right at the same time, as such Jack won't receive a punishment for Fear Roleplay and Azarav won't receive one for Deathmatching

Regarding pausing roleplay, the clip is unfortunately too short and does not contain any information other than the reporting party stating that Jack is pausing roleplay, as such Jack will not be receiving a punishment for pausing/ignoring roleplay.

As for the Offensive Language, Jack will receive a warning as it's quite blatantly clear.


In conclusion:

Mask 552_6400 // Jack Rhino - will receive a warning for both FailRP Offense #2 escaping via water &' Offensive Language #1
Azarav Dimitri - will not be receiving any punishments.


Report Accepted & Archived

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