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Dylan Ortiz

7.8.1, 6.3.2, 6.6.1 Stranger 5959_3157 and Stranger 4299_4151

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Player(s) being reported: 
Stranger 5959_3157 (7.8.1combat logging)
Stranger 4299_4151 ( 6.3.2 Metagaming  6.6.1 non roleplay)
Date of rule breach: 12/21/2018
Time of rule breach: 12:30 PM SEVER TIME



Your characters name:

Shawn barnes


Specific rule broken:

Stranger 5959_3157 (7.8.1combat logging) 

how did the payer break the rule? heres the video

Stranger 4299_4151 ( 6.3.2 Metagaming  6.6.1 non roleplay)

how did the player break the rule? here is the video and also an example of how he did, Stranger 4299_4151 had called the cops on me saying i was in a stolen police car all though he had no way of knowing i wasn't a cop nor had he see me before coming with the police so how did he know i wasn't a cop? 1 of 2 ways he used my ID as meta by seeing it says Stranger instead of police officer but then again he would of had to of seen me IC but he had not or he was friends with/or is Stranger 5959_3157 the man who combat logged (5 mins after combat log he was there with police while i was waiting for him to return).   Stranger 4299_4151 also failed RP when i was shooting at him many times but going out of gun range and waiting or circling back around while being shot at. he also said in PM i bet you have no evidence screen shots will be supplied    (note i am aware im wearing a mechanic top but like i said i had not seen Stranger 4299_4151 IC at all nor should he of know where i was)


1st video 

Stranger 5959_3157 (7.8.1combat logging) 

2nd video

Stranger 4299_4151 ( 6.3.2 Metagaming  6.6.1 non roleplay)


Screen shot


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Thank you for making this report.

This report will require responses from Maxim_Kazakov (Stranger 5959_3157) & @Sasuke Tony_Balkana (Stranger 4299_4151) within the next twenty-four (24) hours.

Maxim_Kazakov (Stranger 5959_3157) will be notified of this report in-game.

Your patience is much appreciated while we review this report.

Kindest Regards,
Eclipse Roleplay Administrator

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