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So only way to fight againts nonRP players is to constantly record your gameplay, and after when u get prolly killed or something by someon and loose tons of stuff you have to upload it and put it on forum, wait for admins to read it and then punish him. And for people who dont record their gameplay, well basicly you can do whatever you want to them. I got instructed like that by Inorigj, no evidence and nothing can be done. What a story... I cant bellive i gave 10 euros for this shiet rofl 😄 

And what happend was classic green groove failRP. While he has a gun in his face, he goes off his bike, takes a gun and shoots back. Srsly? Eaven if heaven and hell collapse on earth, armagedon happends and tons tons more of shiet, something like that would still be impossible. 

Player: Mask 1377_3947


Sorry for breaking forum rules, but at this point it does not even matter compared to things that are going on.

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