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Mask 1119 1643 DM

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 1119 1643

Date of rule breach: 2018-12-19

Time of rule breach:

Your characters name: Puskin Kaktus

Other players involved:

Specific rule broken: 7.2 Deathmatch

How did the player break the rule?: So this guy (Mask 1119 1643) Killed me while I was sitting in the car close to my 2 friends who was injured by the same guy. He told me to get out of the car,I started driving and he instantly staled my engine and killed me for no reason. I was chatting with him in PM and he told me that hes a streamer and gave me his link and I took the clips from it. I checked his VOD and found how he dmed my friend.

Evidence of rule breach: 1. Clip where he killed me. 


2. Clip where my 1 of my friends told him to get out of the car and he drove off. (1 of my friends didnt say anything and didnt even have a gun and still got killed. )


3. They got killed


4. He finished us. 


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added clip
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Thank you for the report @Puskin


After a discussion with a Senior Moderator I have come to the following conclusion.


Clip 1 - Mask 1119_1643 // Faustas Bosenko rolled up to retrieve his car from Mask 3285_7579 // Puskin Kaktus who at that time was inside the car. Mask 1119_1643 // Faustas Bosenko then proceeds to order Mask 3285_7579 // Puskin Kaktus out of the car and only gives ONE warning and only 1 second to comply, which is not enough time at all to display Fear Roleplay. Ontop of that Mask 3285_7579 // Puskin Kaktus was inside of a vehicle that had it's engine on and running, so a bit of protection was provided to him, meaning he could use the car to escape. 


Clip 2 - Mask 1119_1643 // Faustas Bosenko was in the middle of conversing with Stranger 2058_3820 // Flint Carwyn when both Mask 6917_5726 // Antony Miller and Stranger 5440_3369 // Faustas Bychas pull up on a pink bati. They proceed to order Mask 1119_1643 // Faustas Bosenko out of his car, however neither of them had guns drawn or pointed and Mask 1119_1643 // Faustas Bosenko had his car engine running, so he had every right to leave, Fear Roleplay was not broken.


Clip 3 - Mask 1119_1643 // Faustas Bosenko proceeds to gun down both Mask 6917_5726 // Antony Miller and Stranger 5440_3369 // Faustas Bychas after having escaped from the previous situation in Clip 2. Mask 1119_1643 // Faustas Bosenko had absolutely no reason to gun down either of them because his life had not been in any danger in the prior situation and he did not have KoS on either of them due to that.


Clip 4 - Mask 1119_1643 // Faustas Bosenko comes back to the area while 2 medics are treating the patients. He proceeds to finish off both Mask 3285_7579 // Puskin Kaktus and Stranger 5440_3369 // Faustas Bychas. As stated before Mask 1119_1643 // Faustas Bosenko did not have KoS on either of them and he is aware of that fact as evident by his comments on this report thread.


Mask 1119_1643 // Faustas Bosenko will receive a 168 hour ban for Deathmatching #1 | Major 


Report Accepted &' Archived.

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