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Mask 5455_5688 (Deathmatch, Mercy Killing, KOS)

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 5455_5688
Date of rule breach: 12/19/18 
Time of rule breach: Around 1:30AM CST

Your characters name: Humberto_Umbracato
Other players involved:  Joy_Massouh, Mask 5455_5688 , Stranger 3804_6311

Specific rule broken:
" Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without
having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban. "

 Mercy-Killing is a form of deathmatching and non-roleplay that describes when a player attacks or kills another player who 
is injured in order to expedite their death process. This can result in a deathmatching classed punishment. 
If the player being killed, asks to be killed, the player asking to be killed is breaking the non-roleplay rule. 

Kill on Sight is a term used to describe a roleplay scenario in-which you just kill or attack a player without performing any sort of roleplay.
Kill on Sight is only permitted when the player you’re attacking had previously tried to kill you in the past 24 hours (IRL time) where
 NLR hasn’t been triggered, a theft of item(s) valuing more than $75,000 (excluding vehicles), or if someone is actively or taking hostage a close friend.
 Otherwise, this form of roleplay could result in a major deathmatching classed punishment.

How did the player break the rule?:

Me, Joy and the other guy didn't have any other altercations with the Masked man previously, but then he proceeded to point his gun
at us without any proper RP. Joy put her hands up but after that, he drove his car away (check the blue car in the screen shots)
he shot us from afar, then came back and mercy killed us after looting our bodies.

Stranger 3804_6311 was watching the whole thing and the Masked guy is just straight up not doing anything IC-ly. Just runnin around 
and looting our bodies without any RP at all.

I only got an evidence of the time we got mercy killed but its pretty much plain ass DM if you look at the chat logs.


Evidence of rule breach:








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