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Mask 5053_5291, Mask 3165_6220, Mask 5461_6383 VDM, Non-Rp

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Player(s) being reported:  Mask 5053_5291, Mask 3165_6220, Mask 5461_6383
Date of rule breach: 18/12/2018
Time of rule breach:  00:49   Lithuania time 

Your characters name: Vito Magelanni
Other players involved: 3 people in the schafter v12

Specific rule broken:

7.3 Vehicle Deathmatch
6.6 Non-roleplay
6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay.

How did the player break the rule?:

A bit of pre-history to this event: we got notifications that our cars are being bobby pinned in the "Benny's garage" so we gathered up to see what is going on and saw multiple people and vehicles outside of it and decided to stop them, but the very start was a bit of fiesta being done by the reported party ...

I will try to explain the rulebreaks of each person.

1) Mask 3165_6220: The Elegy RH8 driver, trying to drive through, maybe escape the scene dont really know why, but rams the brawler in the process for whatever reason he had, touches our schafter a bit the first time which I would say is ok cuz it is more like an accident but then also rams us  the second time and spins us around without any valid reason. 

2) Mask 5053_5291: The brawler driver, he doesnt follow the elegy driver, probably sees that the road is kinda blocked and turns around the building to get away, I dont really know what went through his mind but he decided that it is proper to make a full speed up in a wrong lane, probably wanted to ram us but he missed and slammed down the motorbike driver at full speed.

3) Mask 5461_6383, the sandkind driver and the star of the event. Goes from a proper lane to opposite lane in an attempt to ram us but luckily we were in a low enough car and not sideways so he flew over us and flipped his car over. That would be a great stunt in Kobra 11 series but we are here to roleplay my man.



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edited rule breach time as promised
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56 minutes ago, MusketDeezNuts said:


Samo_Granados // Mask 3165_6220

when i left that garage i didn't hit that brawler in my screen, and i just asked him to pull over when i rammed that car and it was an accident because they just change the direction to my car then i hit that Schafter... i tried to stop my car but was to late ... and i heard "shoot" or something like that from Schafter driver and i reported this to my friends in radio...


about situ' ; we were robbing cars in benny's garage and then we saw one of those guys car outside there ... it had reason that they came over and stoped there ...

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@AmooRid3r after investigating the video more and in a more slowmotion mode I agree with you that you did not hit brawler, brawler reversed in to you. The thing about asking to stop, well I hope you are well aware that shouting from a car to passengers in the other car is quite poor rp (music inside the car, window status and distance) and you are shouting "stop", to who are you shouting no one had any idea because you did not even specify and even after the shout command you insta rammed us in a split second.

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hey everyone ...

 i dont have a good system to play this thats why i get FPS lag a lot thats why i dont have control on my cars and i heard gunshots there then i planed to move there and see whats going on because our friends called back up at radio ... thats all happend there ...

                     Thanks for your time guys ...

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Hello everyone!
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you.

My conclusion of this report is to VOID this situation. I believe both sides have or shall learn from this situation. I shall give out some general information. And do not feel offended as this is not going to be pointed at someone, but more for any readers of this report to have some extra information. 

Ramming a vehicle: Ramming a vehicle should only be done so by vehicles that are designed to ram. This rule falls under 6.6 Non-roleplay.  Otherwise, Realistically both parties would suffer major injuries and should RP as they sustained so. Making sure you use a vehicle that is designed to ram. Your chances of coming out unharmed are really big. While the other party most likely would be hurt and has to RP as being hurt. (if it's a big impact) 

Shouting out of a vehicle: This all depends on the situation itself. If both cars are still, its no problem. But if the vehicles are driving shouting would be nearly impossible to hear. and even harder on the highway or if you are speeding. The sound of the vehicle itself, Windows being up, and the sound of music playing. Would make it hard to hear, Demands may be ignored while driving inside a vehicle (hard enough to not hear someone yelling for another vehicle) This does not grand that person KOS or Deathmatch rights as Demands never reached his characters ears. This would also fall under 6.6 Non-roleplay. 

If any items are lost, Feel free to make a refund request as the RP is hereby voided.

Roleplay Situation: VOIDED

RANK: Administrator.
DISCORD: @MusketDeezNuts#1780

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