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Mask 3012_9404 Metagame(6.3.1), Combat Logging(7.8.1), Non Roleplay (6.6.2)

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 3012_9404

Date of rule breach:12/16/2018

Time of rule breach: 8am UTC

Your characters name: Nicholas Harm

Other players involved: Mask 2214_2798

Specific rule broken: Metagaming (6.3.1) Combat Logging(7.8.1) Non Roleplay (6.6.2)

How did the player break the rule?:
Mask 3012_9404 VDM'd Mask 2214_2798 in a no crime zone(no evidence of) and I turned up Mask 3012_9404 was asking to be killed and provoking us in a none role play manner "kill me" and so on and he used IC chat to answer OOC questions and then combat logged

Evidence of rule breach:


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How this all started (which I don't have video of unfortunately) I pulled up to tq-la-la and asked this kid if anyone was playing. He said no and went to drive away accidently tapping me with his car, he even said sorry, than I look behind me and hes turned around and speeding at me, he hit me (literally at the entrance to tq-la-la) and than drove off, about a minute later he comes back and start stomping me demanding I give him my stuff. Jay gamble pulled up as he was stomping me and h instantly got in his car and tried to ram him as well. And that's what leads up to this video.

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