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Stranger 8771_3889 None-Roleplay and Power game.

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Player(s) being reported: Stranger 8771_3889
Date of rule breach: 12/14/2018
Time of rule breach: About 10.00 Pm Eastern US

Your characters name: Geralt Harlok

Other players involved: All PD members responding to the call.

Specific rule broken: None RP driving and power gaming. 6.6 Non-Roleplay, 6.4 Power Gaming.

How did they break the rule? The player involved in the chase off roads up a mountain in a sports bike which would even by impossible
for an off road bike to pull off, at the end he plunges down the top of the mountain to completely lose me, that's where the possible 
power game comes in by him Rping something physically impossible that can not happen in real life. I normally don't post reports 
like this but it's happening almost every single chase something needs to be done it's ruining the immersion and fun of how chases happen in real life.

Evidence of rule breach: The video starts at 4:06, right before the video ends you can see one suspect on foot, down the hill as proof they plunged down.


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Not only is a motorcycle with two people on it being driven up a mountain, it's being driven up a snowy mountain! That is considered non-roleplay, but the acts of the reporting party, by following them up a mountain in the manner you did, is also non-roleplay. In the real world, police would have a helicopter deployed (like you did) and cruisers would remain on the road or parked somewhere, and you would continue either on foot, or by driving the cruiser on ACTUAL roads.

Both the reported party and the reporting party will receive non-roleplay punishments.

Thanks for the report.

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