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Mask 4021_2189 (6.1.1 Deathmatch)

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Player(s) being reported: 
Date of rule breach: Today
Time of rule breach: 5 minutes ago

Your characters name: James_Carlton
Other players involved:

Specific rule broken:

How did the player break the rule?:

Immediately ran down the stairs and shot me till I got downed, whilst fishing. Following up with a lousy robbery.

Evidence of rule breach:



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Lmao, what? I gave you 10 seconds in the voip to stop fishing and kneel down for me, you decided to take your gun out and shoot me, so I simply out-aimed you. And I don't need any chat RP to rob(loot) you, when you ate my 10bullets and you can't resist.

And next time add clear video instead of useless screenshot and a fake situation. Didn't even understand why @Dingus0 want me to answer this uncomplete and proofless report.

-Zachary Fury

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