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Mask 8851_3425 (12) Mask 9438_7093 (53) Mask 6600_5775 (114) ( DeathMatch )

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Player(s) being reported: 
Date of rule breach: 12/14/2018
Time of rule breach: About 20:00 GMT+2

Your characters name: Dimitri_Kriskov
Other players involved: None

Specific rule broken: DeathMatch
" Paste rule text here " ( I think we don't need this )

How did the player break the rule?: I just going to take my car in the mountains, and i see 3 mercia, and i see they running into me, i just started to run and ask for backup in my radio, and they started to shoot me, without saying anything.

Evidence of rule breach: 
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2 hours ago, GamingAlF said:

Hello, Please put complete evidence i don't see enough evidence for a report i just can see you running away and being shoot.
Also i have full evidence recorded by myself, if admin qualified this report as an confirmed report i will upload the video.

Why did you need full evidence? I have only 5mins 13secs Because ShadowPlay is set on that timer. And what did you see? When i'm coming on mountain? Hah I wanna your evidence.

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5 hours ago, Aldari_Tagril said:

Hello and thank you for making this report. 

@Dimitri_Kriskov if you could please provide a longer version of the incident, as this video is not sufficient enough.

@GamingAlF If could provide a version of the incident from your point of view that'd also be great. 

Pending Responses. 

~ Aldari_Tagril

Sorry, I deleted my recent videos. @GamingAlF Upload your evidence.

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@Aldari_Tagril Hello thank you by replying.
I have the full evidence of my self chasing the guy and telling him to put his hands up,but he didn't obey my word and i killed him.
And here is the video of my point of view : 

As you can see here i told him to put his hands up but he refuses and it ends up killing him.
Also i want to add that it seems he doesn't know the rules as i attached some evidence which contains the messages from him in game which he attempted to do NLR.



Edited by GamingAlF
I added the last part
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I have decided I will conclude this report with no punishments placed on @GamingAlF due to the lack of any concrete evidence to back the claim that he broke the deathmatching rule. In the future a lot more video must be shown in order for any moderator to safely conclude that someone broke such a serious rules, which would require the context of the killing/attack. 

As for @Dimitri_Kriskov - Stranger 3520_8743I will issue you a warning for first offence of metagaming (Minor) due to saying in /pm "And now I can come back and take my car" as this is considered mixing. Regardless of whether you think someone broke a rule or not, you must comply with all rules at all times and a situation is not considered void if you interpret somebody breaking a rule, only a Moderator or Admin can void an RP. 

The metagaming rule states as follows:



Metagaming (MG) is the act of relaying IC information through OOC methods or using OOC information in roleplay scenarios. OOC methods include third-party software, for example, Discord.

You going to get your vehicle IC'ly is IC information that is to not be communicated via OOC means, such as through /pm. Again, this applies whether or not you believe someone broke the rules. 

Post locked & Archived.

~ Aldari_Tagril

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