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Stranger 4933_434, Mask 9126_899, Stranger 3520_8743, Mask 3379_7029, Mask 8630_9615

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Player(s) being reported: Stranger 4933_434, Mask 9126_899, Stranger 3520_8743, Mask 3379_7029, Mask 8630_9615 
Date of rule breach: 14/12/2018
Time of rule breach: Around 4 PM UK time

Your characters name: Jason_Nightwood
Other players involved: Steven_Carwyn, Diana_Carters, Thomas_Parker

Specific rule broken:
6.2 Pause of roleplay
6.2.1 A roleplay scenario can be paused if all participants agree to pause it.
6.2.2 If a rule is broken, inform the other party through OOC and make a report with the /REPORT command, unless the
situation is resolved peacefully. It is recommended to record these situations.
6.2.3 If a player’s game crashes while in an active roleplay scenario, both parties should attempt to make contact and try
to resume the scenario. A player crash must never be used to put them in a disadvantage.

How did the player break the rule?: After finishing a situation with @ItzKnight (who I would be more than happy if he reviews this report as it involved the faction he is handeling), me and Thomas Parker robbed a member of Invictus, giving him KOS. The gang then saw us do so, and started chasing us on the highway. They tried ramming us however we dodged their attempts.
Then, I crashed.
After crashing, my vehicle flew into a wall and stalled. My partner, Thomas Parker. Got injured and died. I logged in the game to see them circiling around me.
After telling them in /b that this is not allowed as I crashed one of them (Mask 3379_7029) responds with "ez ban". I continue to explain to them that I have no problem continuing roleplay from where I crashed however, the ignored me.
A few seconds later, Steven Carwyn pulls up along with Diana Carters and tell them in /b that this is not allowed, they ignore him and continue to rob me.
I tell them that before I crashed they were not even close to me and were far away and not in a position to stop me from running away, however they ignored me and told me that because my car stalled (cause of my crashing) they catched up.
I told them that my car stalled because I crashed however once again, they ignored me. On my screen the car was perfectly fine and was not stalled. The rest can be seen in the evidence.

Evidence of rule breach: Video will be sent privatly to stuff as it contains private info.
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Happy Holidays everyone

I personally cannot remember the situation fully, but as I can remember I didn't see him crash and there was not any injured body 30 seconds after we lost them on the road and also I didn't have a gun, he didn’t say in /b that he has an evidence showing that he crashed, and even if we re-did the situation, we would’ve just caught them, we had more people with faster cars and KoS on them, also I didn’t even have a gun and I don’t think that I did any robbing roleplay, I just participated in chasing before the crashing ( as i can remember but I’m pretty sure I didn’t have a gun on me sine they robbed me )

but i thought their car crashed and they left to avoid getting robbed also we didnt see any injured guy near the place, so we were pretty sure this wasnt a game crash 

once again this is all based on what I can remember of that situation and I would like to see the footage to see if I'm addressing the right situation,

Also, there wasn’t any attempts from him trying to contact us to inform us that he crashed, because we did not see the chat pop up of him timing out

thank you for dealing with this report 

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15 minutes ago, HaminLord said:

Hey, sorry for not sharing the video here. Just contains a bit of stuff from my irl life. I'd be more than happy to pm you the video on discord. 
Feel free to add me, Hamin#0420 is my username.

Thank you for sharing the video

now that I watched the video I remember what exactly happened,

when I found you, you were there held at gunpoints by my gangmates, I wasn't even there when you logged back in

as you can see I told you that I have KoS on you, but I didn't kill you on sight or at all, did I?

I was just having a chat with you in /b more than pointing a gun and didn't kill you even though I had a KoS since you robbed me 3 times before the situation

and we were not surrounding you, me and my friend went to buy a gun and Lucas was searching for you and he found you as you can see he was driving

and in the first 2-3 minutes, I was not there, I arrived with a black comet retro

to sum it all up, I got to you when you were there having a chat with my gangmates and I didn't do anything but saying that I have a KoS and still not harming you.

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After review of the evidence and player comments I will conclude this report.

@HaminLord's game crashed and when he logged back in some of the reported party was waiting next to his car along the highway. @HaminLord let them know his game crashed but they didn't want to RP a chase again. Instead they wanted to start off with his car stalled against a barrier because of his game crashing which would be putting him at a disadvantage. 

@HaminLord started to PM a staff member asking them to come help which is not the right way to contact staff. He also PM'd Steven Carwyn asking him to come back to where he was which is MetagamingIf there is a disagreement between players on an OOC level like this, it would be best to make a /report and have a staff member mediate the situation.  

After some more argument about how to start the RP post crash, the reported party's started a count down and ended up killing Jason_Nightwood.

Jason_Nightwood will receive his third punishment for Metagaming.

Sawyer_Michelson | Stranger 4933_434, @Sasuke Tony_Balkana | Mask 9126_899, @Dimitri_Kriskov Dimitri_Kriskov | Stranger 3520_8743, @Lucass_Sanchez Lucass_Sanchez | Mask 3379_7029 & @Redline Yohan_Sanchez | Mask 8630_9615 will each receive a warning for not fairly allowing RP to resume after a player crash.

Report Accepted

Locked & Archived



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