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Mask {3285_7579) 7.1 Fear roleplay

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Player(s) being reported: Mask {3285_7579)
Date of rule breach:12/10/2018
Time of rule breach:19:55 {GMT}

Your characters name:Collie Fegan
Other players involved:Edward Diaz, Jaime Brown

Specific rule broken:
" Fear roleplay is the concept of roleplaying fear for your character’s life in situations where your safety is in immediate
danger when the attacker is in a position to quickly end your life at will. This can come in a form of having a weapon
aimed at your character’s head at close range, where reaching for your own weapon would result in you being killed
instantly, or where your life is in direct danger and any attempt to resist would result in your immediate death."

How did the player break the rule?:
Player had 3 guns to his head and decided to take out a gun and shoot us, killing me in this situation.
Evidence of rule breach:Evidence will be sent the member off staff who replies as it contains staff content.
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Its Puskin Kaktus .I dont have video of this situation. In my perspective i was shooting at them for 2 minutes . After they came near to me i was still shooting at them , but i think it could be glitched.  For me i was shooting , but for them think i was  only crouching near the car (or standing dont now )

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Hello everyone, As @Flucifial is away and has asked me to finish this report. 

@Puskin Puskin_Kaktus (Mask 3285_7579) shows absolutely no fear of life with 4 or even more guns out of the camera pointed at him.
The following offenses shall be applied:

@Puskin Puskin_Kaktus (Mask 3285_7579) 

  • FearRP | Offense #1

Report Accepted and Archived.

Kind Regards
ECRP Senior Moderator.

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