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Mask 5484_2455, Mask 2297_1529 (VDM 7.3 and NCZ 6.8.1 abuse.)

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Player (s) being reported : Mask 5484_2455, Mask 2297_1529.
Date of rule breach : 12/09/2018.
Time of rule breach : About 16:30 LTU time.

Your charecter name : Cjeet Manlow.
Specific rule broken : 7.3 Vehicle Deathmatch , 6.8.1 No crime zone.

How did the player breake the rule. I stopped near Sandy Shores MD, then this guy came out of nowhere aimed gun at me I started to run and his friend did VDM for no reason. I barely survived that.

Evidance of rule breach : https://plays.tv/video/5c0d5f08ae44926861/nice-ncz-abuse-

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VDM was not broken, the player in the Specter is the friend of the person giving you demands, you failed to comply, he used a vehicle as a weapon to knock you down.

NCZ was broken, you are very close to an NCZ, just because the script doesn't see it that way, doesn't mean it isn't.

Both players will receive non-roleplay punishments for breaching NCZ.

Thanks for the report.

Report Closed.

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