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Stranger 8691_7696 & stranger 5722_7970 (6.1.1 Deathmatch)

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Player(s) being reported: 
Date of rule breach: Today
Time of rule breach: 18.07 server time

Your characters name: James Carlton
Other players involved:

Specific rule broken:
" Deathmatching & non rp "

How did the player break the rule?:

Shooting me when i enter my vehicle after trying to buy stuff in 247 immediately loot me, and I believe they also logged after that to avoid /report.

Evidence of rule breach:




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Hello dear admin if you watch this video he cutted our rp and just gave you video from last shot we shouted him to stop and handsup but he ignored us and broke the fear rp rule .

tell him to give you a real evidence not from when he die thanks for reading and be aware that lying to admins have temporary or permanently ban 



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All Im going to add that these same people killed me for answering their often question with "your dad" and after I started driving away one of them says shoot this guy and they begin to follow me and open fire and I start telling them in /ooc to stop shooting or you are getting reported and one of them said STOP STOP STOP to the other shooters after he realized what were they doing, and then one of them continued shooting me and injuring me and they just drove away knowing they heavily broke rules all I have is this sceenshot and I'm aware that this is not enough evidence 






I had 3 pvp encounters with Vice lords and they broke rules every single time so I honestly would love if an admin could spectate them from time to time.

Example :  1 of them massively breaking VDM, I was involved in the shooting but I'm not the one that's been VDM'd so that's why I'm not reporting

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1 hour ago, verydoge12 said:


Hello! Please do not post in reports that you are not involved with, especially not with zero evidence regarding the incident. 

You have had 3 PVP encounters with Vice Lords in which they broke the rules, but you have no evidence of this. If you need some help setting up shadowplay, you may private message me.

iirc since the beginning of the faction, Vice Lord members were forum reported successfully around five times, and all five were punished for it. 

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9 hours ago, Flucifial said:

@Killerder Please provide a longer video that shows the entire situation from start to finish. 

My shadowplay is at 30 seconds



- But how can you not tell these people are clearly immature, they cannot speak fluent English. So it's clear they choose the "shoot first, ask questions later" option. When it comes to roleplay. 

All I did was enter the 24/7, go back to my car and boom im dead. You can clearly see there's been no damn interaction above. And if they roleplayed voice rather than text, you'd most definitely would have heard that too in the video.

And the fact that others intercept the rule(s) by posting more claims against these two people should say enough. So please do what's right for the community here, and don't support their whining. I'm just simply posting evidence against them doing absolute jaw dropping poor roleplay. Which is "coincidentally" against the rules.

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15 hours ago, arashvierri said:

you already broke fear rp rule i hope admins punish him thanks 

Aside from the fact that your microphone wasnt even audible. But hey that's besides the point right? On the contrary you should we commended for this kind of roleplay? Your microphone was not audible at all. In case you didn't know, the screen is focused on the inventory of the shop. So i dont even see any of you until I got shot in the back before it's too late. And you then kill for no real reason. And doing robberies and killing people at a very busy gas station in broad daylight? Maybe you need punishment here. 


And also why do you have to make it an insult I choose 30 seconds for Shadowplay? Why would I want 5+ minutes of a video to edit when most crazy scenarios I need to record are 30 seconds. Which works out in FPS games etc for me as well. Why would I then want a 1gb+ video to edit for a 30-60 seconds clip? No thanks.


And none is trying to waste admins' time. What kind of a bull arguement is that.

And if by wasting your time? None is forcing you to write here, so that don't make any sense.

It's obvious you're immature ooc as well, so not surprising how it went down like this IC..

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Information has been left out of the report, along with too short evidence.

No rules were broken, you were being held at gunpoint, and failed to abide by demands, it's not the fault of the reported parties for not knowing their microphone was off, you could've told them that in an OOC chat.

Thanks for the report, report rejected. 

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