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Mask 6156_3244, Mask 8881_1195

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 6156_3244, Mask 8881_1195
Date of rule breach:8th Dec 2018
Time of rule breach: 2pm GMT

Your characters name:Shannon Reels
Other players involved:None

Specific rule broken:
6.4 Powergaming
6.4.1 Forceful roleplay, that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response is considered powergaming.

How did the player break the rule?: They didnt give me a chance to RP and just took my car keys without asking for success or if there would be any resistance. Their reason for not asking for a response from me was because i didnt have a choice as was under gunpoint

Evidence of rule breach: 


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Hey @Shannon and thank you for reporting me and my fellow pan head @AcaZemun, ( I am mask 6156_3244)

We were casually driving around and were like hey she's far away from the city... so lets rob her ass. You are only showing a bit of a whole situation because before the thing with the car keys you were heavily stalling the RP and as we know there are alot of Metagamers on this server so i wouldn't want to risk my own ass to get blasted away by people that metagame. (Which was the reason that i quickly took the car keys, because hey you would not resist either way but i agree the RP was not the best)

Now lets come to the car key thing, i dont see any reason why i would do a /do success? Due to you were at gunpoint by two people with guns and you would break the FEAR RP rule if you would chose to actually resist. 

We RP'd to frisk and search your body (which you also do not show in your screenshot) aaand a normal criminal would take everything that is valueable, like your car. 

I don't think i need to further respond to this due to the whole scenario is not included and at the end of the day the community member ( @Shannon ) is just slightly salty after losing a couple of thousand $ in items + her car getting chopped.

The only thing i would ever agree to is that the car key thing could be better roleplayed, not gonna argue about that.



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I know i couldnt resist you taking the car keys as i was under gunpoint and you would just shoot me, but you gave me no chance to RP. My pockets could of had zips on them and padlocked (which is highly unlikely but still could of been done) and you gave me no chance to respond to any of your RP. In this situation, a victim could of RPed losing their keys previously or giving them to a friend, which is why "/me takes keys" and no "/do would i be able to ?" is powergaming as you dont give the victim a chance to respond to RP. The rule clearly states "Forceful roleplay, that does not give the other player a chance to roleplay their own response"

I dont have footage and didnt include other parts of this situation as it was only you taking the car keys without letting me respond to your RP which bothered me. I understand a lot of people metagame on this server and they do call for backup (ive experienced quite a few other players doing this) but rushing RP and not letting the other player respond is not fair to them. 

The items i lost didnt bother me at all, after this situation i ran 10 mins down the road to a store to get my radio back and called for someone to give me a lift. A pistol, radio and a bag isnt anything to be "salty" over losing.

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Evidence proves a powergaming breach from both players who are reported. You should always give the opportunity for another player to respond to roleplay via /do no matter the circumstances.

Aca_Juice (Mask 8881_1195) will receive a thirty (30) minute jail for their second offense of Powergaming.

Daniel_McGregor (Mask 6156_3244) will receive a warning for their first offense of Powergaming.

Thanks for the report.


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