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Stranger 133_3468 RDM

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Player(s) being reported: Stranger 133_3468
Date of rule breach:12/7/2018
Time of rule breach:9:00 PM GMT+1

Your characters name:Carl Strand
Other players involved: None

Specific rule broken:
Deathmatch 7.2
7.2.4 A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with the demands and warn the victim more than one time, if
the victim is too slow to respond or react to the demands.

How did the player break the rule?:
I was chilling at H.E and some guy next to me was getting robbed. suddenly seemed like i was next on their list. i was asked to step out of the vehicle and even though 
i could of done so or driven off. i wanted to RP abit since that's why i'm here. so i stepped out and instantly put my hands up. the person with the shotgun told me multiple times to 
put my hands up even though they are up. i assumed he possibly had some desync. so i put them down and again. at this point alot of people are also typing so it's hard to keep track,
since this is over text RP is slowed down (voip was broken). I was being carefull with what i say but he was asking me to drop my gun and gave me 5 seconds to do so. but since he is
asking me to keep my hands up it makes no sense for me to drop my gun while my hands up. so i asked him to take it off me. because at this state, im fearing my life and i don't wanna die
because of a sudden movement. he initiated a count down and after my first fail to comply to his demands he instantly shot me. 

the player clearly could of handled the situation better. He was trying to rush it. even though he is also robbing me in public which is also abit meh. 
clearly terrible roleplay from the player. 0 /me or /do. no roleplay at all. his demands were trash and hard to follow. he also gave me no chance in the RP situation to even attempt and save the situation.
completly forced and bad situation from the other person. 

Evidence of rule breach:
3:50:50 (timestamp of incident in VOD)


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I don't even think i need to say anything to this, you can clearly see he was committing fear rp alone by the fact that he drove up to me while i was wielding a shotgun and telling me to "leave the guy alone" no normal person would come up to 2 armed criminals and start defending some random guy. You can also see that i gave him plenty of time to drop the gun, told him several times to drop it, and on top of that i gave him a 5 second countdown. But no instead of complying while having a shotgun pointed at your face you decide to act like you didn't know what exactly i wanted from you in this situation. I watched your stream and my video and if you look at the time you can tell that i said "drop the gun" and i shot you about 40 seconds later, that's plennnnnnty of time to comply. Being in a populated place such as high end i was not willing to give you anymore time, because i didn't want the cops to show up. Also i kept saying put your hands up, because on my screen they weren't up. I'll also add my recording to this report once its done uploading, so you can see my point of view aswell.

Edit: Looks like i gotta remove some of the audio in the vid, because there is a copyright claim and people aren't able to see it, but that should hardly matter.

Video from my perspective: 


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The reported party did not break any rules, he gave you a reasonable amount of time to respond, but instead of complying, you decided to try and talk to him, which is a breach in the Fear Roleplay rule, therefore Carl_Strand (Stranger 1507_7389) will receive a thirty (30) minute admin jail for their third offense of Fear Roleplay.

Thanks for the report.

Report Closed.  

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