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Michael_Edwards (7.1.1. Fear Roleplay)

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Player(s) being reported: Michael_Edwards/Stranger 6181_7259
Date of rule breach:06/12/2018
Time of rule breach:Approx 10:10am UTC

Your characters name:Joshua_Fellows
Other players involved: Dwayne_Donovan

Specific rule broken:
7.1.1. FearRP

How did the player break the rule?: After seeing a situation from down the road of the LSPD, where Dwayne looked to be on the ground after a gunfight
occured, I drove past Dwayne to pull over the suspect and draw a lethal weapon on him to place him under arrest, this was due to him being a prime suspect.
Having him at close range I did have the drop on him. He then drew his weapon on me and proceeded to fire. Unfortunately I did not have video recording of
the actual rule breach taking place, however I do have video evidence of him admitting to it afterwards OOCly. 

Evidence of rule breach:



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