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Dylan Ortiz

Stranger 1507_7389 Fear RP 7.1.2 and VDM 7.3.3

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Stranger 1507_7389 (Fear RP 7.1.2 and VDM 7.3.3)

12/4/2018 9:38 AM Sever time

Your characters name: Dylan Ortiz


Specific rule broken:

Fear Roleplay 7.1.2 Examples, where your character’s life is considered to be in direct danger: • When the attacker lowers their weapon to write a roleplay response, your life remains in direct danger;

VDM 7.3.3 If there is a valid reason to attack someone, a vehicle may be used once (a failed attempt counts) to knock the other
player on the ground.


How did the player break the rule?:

for the Fear RP rule break I had a gun pointed at his head while he was refueling his car with the engine off i doped my aim to type "out of the car" and when i pressed "t" to type he starts the engine then drives off failing the Fear Roleplay 7.1.2 rule this is very unrealistic as in RL you would have to start the engine and then select the gear etc and drive off in that time he would have been shot in the head before he could of started the car let alone manage to change gear once started and drive off

as for the VDM : he broke the 7.3.3 VDM rule that states : If there is a valid reason to attack someone, a vehicle may be used once (a failed attempt counts) to knock the other
player on the ground. he tried to swerve at my bike when i chased after him from the fuel station causing it to be a Failed attempt to knock me to the ground, although i had just shot at him he turned around to come back to the station that i was just shooting at him from to ram me, Then i drive past him to get an angle to shoot at him and he comes after me with his car again after i had shot at him for the 3rd time and he had not once opened fire just followed me in his car trying to ram me.


Evidence of rule breach:

as for the evidence here is the whole video


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Sadly I'm unable to provide my POV as I was not recording it.

First things first. I have watched @Dylan Ortiz POV and you can think it looks bad but we both seem to probably agree on one thing. which was the FearRP at the beginning.

to break down the situation I can start off with:

I was not fueling my car at the time he engaged with me.

My intentions where not to drive off EXACTLY as he typed. that's the difference with Text RP compared to VOIP. you can't expect someone to type something. Which is why the RP is forced to slow down granting both parties an opportunity to have their say. some randomly speeding off put him in a bad situation since he was communicating via text. which I knew and didn't respect.
My RP was really bad at the beginning.

When I sped off. I was aware that you are not allowed to force start a stalled car and drive off. as that would be unrealistic and put danger on your life.

I can say that I was not aware that you may not do so in a vehicle with the engine off. I implemented my OOC knowledge about cars in the IC situation. most manuals are starting and go since the gear is normally already in gear 1.

BUT, OOC =/ IC. I know that. which is why I should off honestly just listened to his demands since he caught me in a bad IC situation.

VDM Statement

after that situation, I instantly knew I had KOS and I was not gonna let him go.

I had a chance to collide with him while he was on the bike. he had no gun out on the bike. So I risked nothing since he is the one on a motorbike and risked falling off.

I did get out after and shot at him (you can hear the gunshot in the video) 

at the situation where I rammed him I SWEAR TO GOD his body was in a normal state with his arms down. sadly I have NO way to prove this since I didn't record. 

I did nothing wrong regarding VDM. I might have pushed the limits. but the rule was NEVER broken. 

also yes I realize that i "apparently" broke fearRP again here since I'm charging him while he has his gun aimed at me on his POV. but in my POV his hands were down. he was not aiming not shooting. I believe that he was desynced at this point.

in all honesty, I thought the RP I had just done was doable. but after watching his POV I can understand his frustration and him msging me OOC. because I probably would have done the same in his situation.

I accept the fact that I have broken FearRP at the start which led to the f***fest that came after that. this could have all been avoided if I just accepted the simple mug.

I'm probably gonna get banned now. since this is my second fear RP offense. since the first one I broke was in 2017 I simply beg mercy and ask for some other punishment. 

if @Dylan Ortiz accepts. I can refund what was lost and replay the RP situation. I'm sorry for my actions and I'm ready for judgment 😞 

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Fixed one statement and a lot of grammar mistakes.
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Hello and thank you for making this report.

Carl_Strand (Stranger 1507_7389) has in-fact broken Fear Roleplay, so he'll be receiving a thirty (30) minute administration jail for his second normal offense of Fear Roleplay.

As for the VDM allegation, Carl had been coming back to see what happened, the first time, and he did not attempt to swerve into you, therefore, this first "attempt" will not count as an attempt. He was fully within his OOC rights to hit you the second time.

VDM was not broken, no VDM punishment will be issued.

Thanks for the report.

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