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Mask 9151_2727 (3.1.1)

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Player being reported : Mask 9151_2727

Date of rule breach : 2018-12-03

Time of rule breach : ~6:30 PM EEST

Your characters name : Ivan Pizdulin

Other players involved: -

Specific rule broken: 3.1.1.  English is the main language of the server, therefore every player must be able to communicate in English. All communication between players and administrators must be done in English. Refusing to communicate with other players in English will have you banned.

How did the player break the rule? After a shootout he was frothing something in his 3rd world language. I believe he was telling something to his friends but he did it IC while using voip therefore all words that come out of his mouth should be in english. The language he speaks in game can be used to express the enjoyment while he's fucking a goat IRL but not in the middle of rp in a server which has standards. Am i right?

Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5c055cb054b0462890/3rd-worlder-talking-in-language

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