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Mask 2571_6154, Mask 8616_1681, Mask 8326_4275 (Robberies and scamming 7.5.4)

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 2571_6154, Mask 8616_1681, Mask 8326_4275
Date of rule breach: 21/11/2018
Time of rule breach: 1:00 AM GMT+2

Your characters name: Dardan_Mayor
Other players involved

Specific rule broken:
7.5.4 Players may trick their victims into delivering their valuables to a specified location and rob them afterwards, however,
the scam value must not exceed $15.000. Scammers cannot not lie to their victims in OOC form.

How did the player break the rule?:
I was supposedly meeting the players to buy an ak from them, they turned out to be someone else and robbed me for 30k at the meeting place. Even though they rp-ed the whole set up pretty well they still scammed me for more than 15.000$

Evidence of rule breach:
I will pm a staff member the full video evidence since it contains sensitive content i'd rather not share publicly.
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Paul_Rovia (Mask 2571_6154) and Anthony_Parker (Mask 8326_4275) have 24 hours to respond.


What kind of sensitive information is being hidden? I'm noticing an unnessecarry increase in reporting parties requesting evidence be kept between them and the staff member, that is not how player reports work. Unless the information is truly sensitive, please post it here. Otherwise, send it to me giving me an explanation of what is sensitive that shouldn't be shown. 

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No reason for video to be hidden:


Anthony_Parker (Mask 8326_4275) is the person who took the money, so he'll get a warning for assisting in the scamming rule breach.

Paul_Rovia (Mask 2571_6154) will receive a non-roleplay punishment for scamming.

Anthony_Parker (Mask 8326_4275) will have $30,000 taken out of his account and placed in Dardan_Mayor's account. 

Thanks for the report.


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