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Mask 9126_899 Mask 3141_4961 7.7 Hostage rules

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 9126_899 Mask 3141_4961
Date of rule breach:30.11.2018
Time of rule breach: 16:20 utc +1

Your characters name: Jaime Brown
Other players involved: none

Specific rule broken: 7.7 Hostage rules

How did the player break the rule?: i was farming at Pauls lookin at my busniess and 2 guys just run in the field with the car and start to robb me..everything was ok until they start to forcing me into theirs car.I told to them that is not allowed to kidnap someone if isnt 5 of them they didnt listen to me and i said ok and continue RP in their way.

Evidence of rule breach:

Here is where robbery start.


here is the video when i start record: 




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i know what you telling doesnt matter how mutch meter you took me. You force me in your car and drive from my current area thats kidnap. I never saw somebody robb like this. If is alowed everybody will come and : put ur handsup get in the car and easy peasy robb! you are safe police cant never find out

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40 minutes ago, Sasuke said:

Mr. @dEMZYYY ,it depends on us, not on you. that was not kidnapping and we are not considering it as a kidnapping. We were not about to kidnap you or kill you, we wanted to take you away from public place where other people or police cannot see us robbing you. That's why we took you away from the Paul's farm. 

So i steal a car and i say to the owner i didnt steal it i just borrow it?

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