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Anton Volkov 283_1362 or Mask 9000_1356 (Combat Logging 6.3.1)

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 9000_1356

Date of rule breach:28/11/2018

Time of rule breach: 06:50 - 07:22 pm.

Your characters name: Lukas Montana

Other players involved: @Roberto_Sanchez Enzo Bozzuto.

Specific rule broken: "6.3.1

Paste rule text here " Players are not allowed to disconnect from a roleplay or combat situation that could have negative in-character consequences. If your game crashes, you must reconnect to the server and inform the parties involved with you before the crash and ask them if they want to continue roleplaying the scenario."

How did the player break the rule?: So we responded to this chase about an active store robbery, the guy that I'm reporting was called on a radio with a heavy weapon. As soon as we caught them, this guy "timeouts". Connects back again after 10 minutes or so, starts running down the hill from the spot he disconnected from. We catch up to him again, and as soon as we explained the situation to him and cuffed him he disappeared again and never returned. I believe he disconnected on purpose so he doesn't lose his precious AK.

Evidence of rule breach: 1st timeout : https://streamable.com/8z83s and the screenshots of me waiting 15 minutes from each dc. and 2nd timeout : https://streamable.com/6vhyw




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11 minutes ago, Anton Valkov said:

Ok that is infact me. I had a power outage. I knew it would come to this so i recorded myself trying to turn stuff on IRL in my appartment. I'll send any admin the prove if you need one.
Also I didn't have an AK on me that thing at the end of the report is just irrelevant



10 minutes ago, Anton Valkov said:

And yes I came back and then we had another outage. That was way longer.

You seem to have a lot of power outage. Is that a problem where you located?

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I live in a flat and it's really cold and the neighbour had his heating on and was also cooking and had his oven on and he also had his water heater on in the bathroom on which lead to a power surge since there were big electricity consumers plugged into the system which lead to a power outage for the whole flat. The second one was shortly leading for some reason. So i just waited for some time then cuz it's not good for my PC if it gets forcly shut down so many times (capacitors on the motherboard can get fucked basically)


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Hello everyone.

Based on @Anton Valkov Story I shall Deny this report. However, I shall put an admin note on @Anton Valkov profile that you need to contact a staff member when you have an outage. I suggest installing Discord on your phone. it's for free. As next time it would count as combat logging if a staff member was not contacted. 

Report Denied and Archived.

Kind Regards
ECRP Senior Moderator.

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