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Steve_Lee (46) [NRP]

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Player(s) being reported: ID 46
Date of interaction reported: 09/27/2022
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1664254785
Your characters name: Bear Okazaki
Other player(s) involved:
Specific rule(s) broken:

9. Non-Roleplay (Non-RP)


Non-Roleplay behavior is considered as actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay. It's difficult to interpret or understand what good roleplay can be sometimes, and we aim to steer players in the direction we want them to go through our server rules. Players are welcome to speak to staff for guidance in regard to roleplay. Some examples (not exhaustive) of Non-RP:

  • Ignoring Roleplay such as 
  • Doing wheelies on motorcycles in chases or in other situations where the speed grants an advantage over others. (The speed boost from doing wheelies in GTA 5 is unrealistic thus it's not allowed in situations where the speed is an advantage over others). Leaning forward is fine. 
  • Baiting Government Services without proper IC motive. (For example, bank robbers have IC motive to bait police if they want to get their attention away from the bank they are wanting to rob).
  • Not roleplaying the effects of being tazed more than once unless there are RP factors involved.
  • Asking to be killed or forcing your own death. (Players are not allowed to force their death, they only die when they bleed out by the script).
  • Unrealistic Stunt Jumping
  • Misusing Expensive Vehicles
  • Using Script Work Vehicles for other purposes than the intended job.
  • Submerging any vehicle in water intentionally.
  • Swimming for an unrealistic amount of time in a chase. Always have a goal when you swim in a chase, don't just swim out to the ocean.
  • Stealing from / tampering with an OOC F4 Menu.
  • Using a vehicle to block one-way entry/exits of e.g., banks and stores. 
  • Government-funded faction members must go off duty when not performing faction duties IC.
  • Putting on and/or replenishing armor when your character is in immediate danger (e.g. being shot at).
  • Climbing steep hills and/or mountains in non-appropriate vehicles, mechanics and LSEMS vehicles are exempt. Appropriate vehicles are for example; Kamacho, Contender, Caracara, Scout, Brawler, BF-400,, Non-Appropriate Vehicles are for example; Novak, Rebla, Shinobi, Hakuchou, Warrener, Exemplar, Elegy, Drafter. 

In roleplay scenarios, players are required to remain In-Character all times. Roleplay can only be paused or voided by admin staff. This means that if for example, a player feels that another player has broken a server rule, they should not stop roleplaying and argue in an OOC chat, instead, they should submit a report, document the situation, and continue to roleplay.

PzJWQVX.png Punishment: Anything from a warning, an admin jail, to an indefinite ban.

How did the player break the rule(s)?
I was trying to help an old friend get away from cops. the police started tazing people through their vehicles and even with windows shut they were tazing, and attempting to taze through them, this feels like it is NRP also they constantly shot tazers at the vehicles and people as if they have infinite tazer shots. you can check logs to see how many tazers were fired. I believe the other cop did it to the other player that was there as well. 
Evidence of rule breach: 


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Thank you for submitting this report. Please be patient as we review the evidence. We would like to receive a response from the following player(s) to explain their side of the story:

  • Steve_Lee (46) (Notified in game) - Explain your rationale behind tazing the player while they were in their car driving off, and if you believe the use of the tazer was realistic in this situation. Also, Please provide any other information you may have from the situation and provide any relevant evidence.

If the requested player(s) do not respond within 24 hours, this report will be concluded based on the evidence that has already been provided, to the best of our ability. 

Senior Support Tenbe
Senior Moderator Harveyyy

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Steve Lee here

First off Thank you Admins for taking the time for this report

so the interaction that happened with Mr. Bear Okazaki was that he tried to intervene with an arrest of a suspect he was getting in the middle of the chase and yelling at jack to get in his car he was given commands to pull over stop following us. to which he did not listen instead he continued. so charges were gonna be brought on him as well for his crimes when he pulled up he was told to stop and  get out of the vehicle in which he did not instead he drove away so I tased him through an open window. I now see on his footage that on his screen the windows were closed so I understand his frustration. however on his and my footage you can clearly see his rear window is busted out and that is where I tased him through. I believe tazing him through the vehicle is both realistic and appropriate in this situation because he was repeatedly intervening with the chase and arrest of jack. and as to the moving vehicle as you see in my video he keeps coming back slowly and creeping closer even after I told him to get out of the vehicle and am already aiming a tazer at him he then begins to pull away so I tased him to stop him from hurting anyone civilians or officers as his actions previous were reckless and could result in injury. the video I provided shows all of this it is a bit longer but I believe it provides context as to why I used the taser on the suspect and why I believe it was the safest option at the time to stop the suspect without killing anyone or anyone else getting hurt.


As a separate issue I believe in doing so he has broken the rules for cop baiting he kept backing up slowly and waiting until we reacted to him and then he drove off he did this multiple times 




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Jack_Sokolov (22) - @LoudKeyboard - Do you believe you roleplayed in a realistic manner during this situation after being tazed multiple times? Also, you RP'd climbing out of the cruiser's open window, do you feel this RP was reasonable considering what your character was suffering? 

Player will have (24) hours to respond. 

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21 minutes ago, Harveyyy said:

Jack_Sokolov (22) - @LoudKeyboard - Do you believe you roleplayed in a realistic manner during this situation after being tazed multiple times? Also, you RP'd climbing out of the cruiser's open window, do you feel this RP was reasonable considering what your character was suffering? 

Player will have (24) hours to respond. 

Hello, I have already been spoken to last night by an administrator regarding the events. If you would still like for me to respond to these questions, please let me know.

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33 minutes ago, Harveyyy said:

Jack_Sokolov (22) - @LoudKeyboard - Do you believe you roleplayed in a realistic manner during this situation after being tazed multiple times? Also, you RP'd climbing out of the cruiser's open window, do you feel this RP was reasonable considering what your character was suffering? 

Player will have (24) hours to respond. 

As my aforementioned statement, I was already frozen and spoken to by an admin regarding my actions from last night. We talked through my actions and agreed on some feedback going forward. But as requested, I'll answer your questions. 

Yes, I absolutely believe that my actions are realistic. I gave the officers a struggle while still remaining a fairness and an opportunity for RP and in the end, gave them the opportunity to arrest me. Obviously, while roleplaying a criminal who has evaded and has a violent past, I'm going to put up as much of a resistance as possible. While I understand the point of the taser, I would like to point out the RP reasoning behind a lot of the minute reaction be due to my character wearing thick clothing such as a hoodie. The prongs of the taser wouldn't be able to fully penetrate the fabric, resulting in not the best of connections. Throughout the whole situation, I made sure all parties involved were satisficed and enjoying the RP, to which they stated it was fun and enjoyable... While you question me climbing out of a window, what would be the issue in that? An officer lowered the window to speak to me and never put it back up, nothing would physically stop me from climbing out which I also RPed in a fair way. While not being a person who typically plays criminal, when I do, my goal is to create a fun and fair situation for officers since I can understand their perspective. As mentioned before, their opinions were considered throughout the situation and all were in agreeance that it was fun and fine. If it was an issue, wouldn't an officer of reported the situation?

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I would also like to add that the reporting party hasn’t had any loss minimal or severe as a result of this incident he got back in his vehicle and drove away and no charges were filed against him 

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Broken windows is a known bug in this city, also tazing someone out of the vehicle when in reality I would still be in it. he attempted to use that as an advantage for himself to win in the situation. We should stop considering "severe loss" in financial terms as this should be looked at in terms and value of RP not financial value. I also want to make this clear in the RP scenario they did not let me go, they attempted to use this to their advantage to arrest me. I luckily got away.

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I'd like to note that Steven Lee uses text macros on the regular (look at 1:53 in his footage) while interacting with other players and text macros are only allowed for roleplay that does not effect others as seen in the image. 
there will be no further comments, until asked by admins to do so.

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Thank you for your patience as we reviewed this report. Following review of all evidence and provided statements, we have made the decision to conclude it as follows:

Steve_Lee will be receiving a NonRP | Poor/Unrealistic Roleplay Behaviour for the reported incident.

The reason for this is quite simple - As can be seen in the footage, the reported party can be seen tazing the player through the rear window of a locked, moving vehicle, causing his character to get kicked out of the car. This action is borderline unrealistic, and the only reason behind the player getting kicked out of their car is due to how the tazer script works, which freezes them in place. The argument behind the window was broken doesn't make it any better; there is no realistic way for the prongs to go through the driver's seat and connect with the player, let alone kicking them out of the vehicle like this.

As for Jack_Sokolov, we believe his actions were acceptable and reasonable; even though he was tazed multiple times, his RP made sense and was realistic. 

Report accepted.

Senior Moderator Harveyyy & Senior Support Tenbae

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