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[DM Report Decision appeal]

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Character name(s): Pasha Xiao

Admin who issued punishment: Wolokai

Date of punishment: 18/08/2022

Your explanation of what happened: So what happened was that this report was denied because the reporting party apparently had enough escalation and reason to shoot us after 20mins of the last shootout we had against them even tho we changed cars/clothes, the reporting party mentioned that they were shooting someone else at the same location but you cant hear any shots nor any radio calls that they're shooting someone in their POV, the admin who denied the report mentioned that we re-entered ourselves but you can see in my POV that we drove there when we saw 5+ we decided to leave the area even tho as they're shooting us we are trying to drive away from the area and I believe the reported party's had no proof that it was us apart from the license plate of the vehicle which doesn't grant you DM rights, the reported party also mentions that they heard us and knew we were Shenzhen members' at the time which I believe really unrealistic for them to go off our voices while both parties are driving at a high speed with the windows up.

Why should your appeal be accepted?: I believe this appeal should get accepted because the reported Party had 0 reason/proof knowing it was us and it could have been anyone driving around mirror park, the only proof they have is the license plate of the vehicle which I believe is not enough reason.
Post any evidence or further details: 

The only reason for the late appeal was because I was banned from server

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