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James Sardinsky

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Character Development


James Sardinsky



Name: James Sardinsky

Nationality: Czech

DOB: 04/01/1993

Moved to Los Santos on: 17/07/2018

Occupation: Police Officer at Los Santos Police Department



4 January, 1993 - Born in Prague, Czech Republic

1 January, 2008 - Moved to South Carolina, U.S.

26 June, 2011 - Graduated High School

5 July, 2011 - Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps

23 July, 2011 - Started the Marine Basic Combat Training

11 October, 2011 - Graduated Boot Camp

24 August, 2013 - Married Julia

9 July, 2014 - Birth of James Jr. and Wanda

5 February, 2017 - Julia divorced James and received sole custody of the children

19 June, 2017 - Resigned from the USMC at the rank of Sergeant and received an honorable discharge

17 July, 2018 - Moved to Los Santos

25 August, 2018 - Enlisted in the Los Santos Police Department

15 September, 2018 - Graduated the Police Academy





ACT I - Early Life

James was born in Czech Republic, but raised in America. His father was a soldier in the Czech Armed Forces and his mother was a teacher. James moved to the United States shortly after his mother died in a tragic car accident. When he moved to America at the age of 15, he could barely speak English but after attending school he quickly learnt it. He made some friends, and graduated high school 3 years later. 

During his last year in high school, a Marine recruiter came over to recruit new soldiers. James was not very interested at first, but his father's service swayed him towards joining. Sardinsky enlisted to the Marines and in a couple of months, he passed his Basic Combat Training, and became a full fledged Marine. Due to his love of guns and adventure, probably derived from his father, he became specialized as an infantry rifleman. He was deployed overseas multiple times, but he does avoids talking about his experiences in the military. 


Sergeant James Sardinsky


Sardinsky's picture from on of the deployments overseas

On one vacation, away from base, James met a beautiful, smart, and kind woman at a bar. They instantly fell in love, and after a couple of months they got married. Julia was her name, and she gave birth to two children, James Jr. and Wanda. Unfortunately, James was a Marine and he was often on duty, far away from home. He rarely saw his family, and Julia was tired of him not being closer to home. Therefore, she filed divorce papers, and the court granted her full rights to the kids. James was alone again, and fell into extreme sadness.



Sardinsky has been honorably discharged from the Marine Corps after he filed a resignation. At just 24 years of age, his wife and kids left him, and he resigned from his main career. He had some drinking problems and once thought about killing himself, but never tried to. Afterward, he moved to Los Santos in pursuit of opportunities. As a former Marine Rifleman, he had trouble finding jobs that could suit his interests well. He worked small jobs such as bus driver, money transporter, and postal worker, but none of it satisfied him. He hopped from job to job, hoping to finally find one where he could feel right. 


James' picture when he was a bus driver



On August 25, 2018, James enlisted to the Los Santos Police Department. He found his place there, and after being a cadet for a couple of months, he became an officer of the law. He enjoyed his job, and found that he was serving a good purpose in life. His life got back on track. Something clicked, and he acquired a very positive attitude and outlook on life. He earned enough money to pay off a house mortgage and bought a cheap, cozy car. He has made many friends in the department and works hard to keep the citizens of Los Santos safe.


James Sardinsky's police portrait


James Sardinsky with his car, and house in the background


*More detail will be added SoonTM




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