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teokolis666 - Teo Kholis (ban appeal)

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Account name:
Character name(s):Teo Kholis

Admin who issued punishment: PolarBlunk
Date of punishment:06/nov/2018
Punishment received:Permanent ban

Reason given for punishment: sexual harassment asking to be banned

Your explanation of what happened:
That day before i got the ban i just crafting drugs. Then i back to me house and put all drugs in the house,then i go out of the house and see four officers near my door they take everything from my house i lost my drugs,and then i start rage i said what you doing why you try catch random people, why you not try to catch gangters and other bad guys why me? between four officers,was one girl, i said bad word for that girl OCC. In OCC i write ban me i lost everything and then admin come and i got ban. 

Why should your appeal be accepted?:

I spent alot of time in the game. I really want back in the game. I am not worthy for this ban.

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Hey @[email protected].

Reading back the appeal once again, the situation is still a bit unclear from what I remember, but reading it back, it seems the player has not realized what he/she did wrong in the first place and fails to admit fault.

We strive ourselves on the best playing experience, and with what I have read from this appeal, the player does not seem to favor this way. Roleplay does not always go as planned, especially criminal roleplay. The player described he/she lost quite the items and shortly after, took it to OOC and harassed another player. This is unacceptable behavior and is not something we seek after.

I would say no, Teo does not deserve a second chance.

Edited by PolarBlunk

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Your appeal shows little effort and remorse for your actions. Ban will remain in effect. 

You may not appeal any sooner than two (2) months from now.

Appeal Denied

Locked & Archived

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