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MarcoD ( Mod Abusing )

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Player(s) being reported: MarcoD / Moderator

Date of rule breach: -

Time of rule breach: -

Your characters name: - 

Other players involved: -

Specific rule broken: Mod Abusing.

How did the player break the rule?: Okay, so MarcoD from my side is clearly abusing his mod powers. Let's start from going on /aduty. He gets on /aduty only when someone asks in /f or when any of his friends asks him ( at least how i believe from my side. ) I have been asking for MarcoD's help recently, let's say when i get DM'ed i see a heavy rulebreaker or so. But he never responds.

Also no idea why MarcoD is still a moderator. Let's take a CPR situation. Almost every officer uses /cpr and then RP'lys in front of MarcoD's eyes. Im pretty sure he doesnt even know that this is against the server rules and this is Powergaming. Every CPR trained guy has to RP first and then use /CPR command.

Misinforming. So i reported an officer that he was PG'ing by using CPR and then RPing. And i PM'ed Marco that his officer is Powergaming, luckely he answered me and told me that this is allowed. Then Musket arrives and he says that /CPR is forcefull command. Then Maria (Owner of MD. ) Arrives to help me while i was injured IC'ly. and i asked her OOC'ly since she is the owner of MD. She tells me that this is against the rules and it has to be done by first RP'ing and then using /cpr . I asked Chuck how it has to be done, he told me that /cpr and then RP'ing is against the rules. So who we need to believe when we are getting misinformed? And because of that when people get misinformed they actually start breaking the rules when they dont know how it actually is.


Evidence of rule breach:

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Hello and thank you for making this report.

@BallinByNature or @harmdone will have to handle this report as it is regarding an administrative staff member. Please be aware that both of these individuals are on LOA for the time being, so their response time may be delayed.

@Marshmalad, please do not forget that evidence is required in player reports, please provide it. 

Pending a response from @Marco Davis.


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Hello @Marshmalad


Thank you for submitting this report.

Unfortunately without evidence we are unable to process this any further.

In future, should you wish to report any member of our community please make sure you include evidence so we can investigate this thoroughly.


Many thanks,

- Toony

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