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6297_6981, 8233_4164 (7.5.5)

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Player(s) being reported: Stranger 6297_6981 / 8233_4164
Date of rule breach: 20/11/2018
Time of rule breach: 9:40

Your characters name: Clyde Mahone
Other players involved: N/A

Specific rule broken: 7.5.5
Players cannot rob, scam or steal from new player who are under 1000XP. However, new players lose their protection,
if they try to commit the same crimes against other players.

How did the player break the rule?: I just joined this server 10 minutes ago then some random guys started ramming me, shooting at me and hiting me with the baseball bat + wrecking my courier delivery vehicle for no sepcific reason. they should have checked before dming me
Evidence of rule breach:


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1 hour ago, lenx said:

Hi. I am one of the people being reported. If you'd have shown footage of the event, instead of just a screenshot (of you still alive, well, and un-frisked), it would show that we checked your XP when we finally caught up to you and did not rob you in the end. However, it would also show you hitting me with your postal truck beforehand which gives me KOS rights on you (that allows me and my friend to chase and attack you), even though I did not carry out those rights, as you are such a new player. There was no DM. We told you to stop and you ran. If you knew you were under 1k xp why didn't you just stop and let us figure it out sooner?


Regardless, this report is without substance as we did check your XP and we did not rob you.


"Players cannot rob, scam or steal from new player who are under 1000XP. However, new players lose their protection,
if they try to commit the same crimes against other players."

We did none of that.

Here you go.

Just don't you dare to keep on lying.

You spent minutes chasing him and no one dares to check his XP 🙂 Keep on provoking people guys (y) 



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13 hours ago, lenx said:

Before anything, I'd like to point out @labete's pathetic OOC insults. This person's attention seeking methods are getting old and if you take a look at her reply history, you can see that all she does is insult people on the forums. That comment served no purpose, she is not involved. Sticking her nose into reports just to insult people is the opposite if what this community is supposed to stand for.

As for Clyde, I'd like to point out a couple of things: At 17:46, you're seen FailRPing and stunt jumping with a van.

From 18:00 to 18:40, you FearRP and don't give a damn about your life.

And at 18:50 you can see me type in OOC that you do not have enough XP and to carry on, then we promptly left.

A couple of minutes later, it's clearly seen that you are fully aware of the rules, you knew that players under a certain amount of XP cannot be robbed and yet you played along, just to have an opportunity to report us for "DM and PG" which makes literally 0 sense to me as nothing we did was power gaming nor Death Matching. You knew about the rule, yet you decided to keep your silence in order to bait us into actually robbing you so you could report us.

As seen in the footage below, we were RPing everything as best as we could. Staying in the character whilst having the "shoot the guy" as the last resort. After the speed is slow enough for the guy to "RPly" hear us, he still refuses to comply, which automatically gives us the right to kill him, but we decided to aim for the engine instead. He then runs me over and drives off whilst my friend hasn't done anything to him that would directly endanger his life, meaning he literally VDMs someone in his own video. 


As you can see from this video from my partners perspective, the initial shot from @Clyde1996 perspective (at 14:25) is simply desync and we had valid KOS rights on him the moment he hit me (at 15:08).


The rule states that you cannot be robbed, scammed or have your things stolen from if you have under 1k XP. You were not robbed as we literally checked your XP after you stopped running and actually gave us time to check your ID for your XP. You weren't scammed and nothing was stolen from you. On the other hand, You FailRPed, FearRPed. and NonRPed.


EDIT: Also, just to cover our bases, I'd like to point out that we stole the farm truck from one of our previous victims. We are not using a personal work vehicle for crime, as that would be classed as nonRP and we do not break rules.

Haha your video proves nothing 😛 simply just proves how easily provoked you can be 🙂 What did he do wrong here please explain ? Why does he have to fear roleplay when he knows he can't be robbed ? You had ENOUGH time to check his XP while chasing him not after the harm is done, You simply find nothing interesting to do and start robbing and shooting people for no Reason. He didn't even hit you 😛 WTF u talkin' about man. Also if you seen my previous post even an admin agrees with me if you stalked me already and did some research. But I find it NON RP to chase someone down and gun him because he almost drove into you, If so in real life this happens 70% of the population would be dead if people act like you 🙂 Also you have a very funny Voice 😛 my fwwwiend. Also are you angry because I called you " Idiot " ? Come on haha don't act like a kid. And you Said he didn't Fear Roleplay but did YOU ROLEPLAY YOUR INJURIES ? you got hit by a 2.5 Tons van. You have no proofs man and desperate trying to find evidence to this report.

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1 hour ago, lenx said:

@labete Are you involved in this situation? Were you even there? If not, you have no place commenting here. @Clyde1996 is the person who made this report, not you. Stop fighting his battles.


I do not need to explain anything to you. This report has all the evidence required, it's up to the admins now.

I'm not involved but you just trying to fool us buy posting your own video which is evidence that you started DM'ing people 🙂 


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2 hours ago, lenx said:

How is it evidence of DMing anyone?


We were planning on robbing the man and he did not pull over when we told him to. Instead he decided to run and hit me with his vehicle; which gives me and my friend KOS rights on him. But, even just running away when we give a command (such as "Pull over or we will kill") gives us valid reason to open fire.

  • It is not DM to rob people.
  • It is not DM to open fire on someone who has refused to comply with a command.
  • It is Non-RP to jump a postal truck into the LS river.
  • It is Fear-RP to refuse to put your hands up while at gunpoint.
  • It is Fail-RP to just sit there and do and say nothing because you think the rules don't apply to you as a new player.

If either of you do not understand that, then both of you need to carefully re-read the rules.


We give him many opportunities to pull over, shouting at him many times. He chose to run away and to instigate the conflict by hitting me with his truck.


I'll ask again... If he knew he was under 1k XP,

Why did he not just pull over so we could figure it out sooner?


Regardless, @labete You are not involved. Unless @Clyde1996 is incapable of commenting on his behalf, your presence here is inappropriate.


He just was on the wrong lane and your friend " Shoot him man , shoot him " Like WTF man ! Do you shot everyone like that in real life bro ? This is huge fucken power gaming and acting like a god.

And dude please " This is rob hends up out of van or we kill " WTF is this language. 

Edited by labete
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1) You English is poor.

2) You started killing a player who just joined the server.

3) You had enough time to check his XP before continue to shot him.

4) Your friend just got hit by a 2.5 Tons van and didn't Roleplay the injuries.

5) You started shooting him because he was on the wrong lane ? Seriously ? You should know better , come on man.

6) Your friend shouted " Shoot him man shoot him " because he WAS ON THE WRONG LANE SERIOUSLY ? 

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8 hours ago, lenx said:

I'm am an American and I speak perfect English. Don't try to insult me. We RP characters who speak like that. It is perfectly understandable, don't try to act like he didn't know what we were saying.

You can see from the video, he never aimed for him inside of the vehicle. He aimed for the engine, we were trying to stall. Regardless, we only started opening fire after we gave him multiple warnings to stop. That is not a rule violation and new players are not immune to the server's criminal element.

Hindsight is always 20/20. You are probably right, we did have time to check his XP. But, we were busy chasing him so we could capture him, and what do you know? When we caught him, we checked his XP and did not follow through on the robbery or the valid KOS I had on him.

What do you expect I do? Lay on the ground and moan? No, he did not injure me, I could still move just fine. I barely lost any health, he barely tapped my shoulder on my screen. There were no injuries to RP more than a few bruises.

That is not why we initiated the robbery. Him being in the opposite lane has nothing to do with it. We RP characters who have a pre-existing grudge against the "postal geng," we stop every postal driver we see. Your friend was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Stop trying to play detective.

You're just repeating yourself, but no. He started yelling that, because @Clyde1996 was failing to follow our (at that point) 2 commands of "hends up this is rob out of van or we kill," and showing clear signs that he had no interest in pulling over. After he hit me with his van. Both myself and my partner had a valid KOS on @Clyde1996 so any damaged we had inflicted after that point is perfectly allowed.


@labete Stop replying to this thread. @Clyde1996 can defend himself. There is ample evidence in this report. It's up to the admins at this point.

nah man, you know it's your fault but it's hard for you to admit.

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@labete You are getting a warning today for responding to reports that don't involve you, Please refrain from posting in reports that you ain't involved in this is your second warning now DONT repeat these actions please and refrain from OOCLY insulting another player as its uncalled for and disrespectful


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2 minutes ago, lenx said:

@Flucifial I apologize for not making it clear. I am responding on behalf of both myself and @Psych0neurotic. The footage I've provided is from @Psych0neurotic's perspective. I don't think any further dialog is required as I've adequately responded to their criticisms.

I still have to get his side before I do anything as he is involved.

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@Flucifial I was with @lenx when he wrote all of that and I 100% agree with what he's said. Clyde clearly knew about the rule and so did we, yet he tried his best to bait us into robbing him. Props to him, he almost did bait us, but we checked his XP and when we realized we're not able to do anything to him, we left him alone. We're not here to break the rules or ruin other players' experience, we're here to RP and have fun doing so. Every time we remotely had time to check his ID, it was under a stressful situation which made us both forget to check his ID. Once the situation had calmed down and we had the chance to check his ID, we realized that robbing him is not within the rules, so we stopped.





I've been keeping a close eye on the rules and that's why I went from having 1 admin log every 3 days go no admin logs for ~50 days. We were aware of the below 1000 XP rule and we followed it as soon as we realized we're not allowed to rob him. The 1000 XP is here to protect the new players, not to be abused to bait players.

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Because at 00:30 when we were going 90 KM per hour, I shouted out of the window and told him to stop, and did it again at 00:33. We thought realistically he probably couldn't have heard that, so we repeated "pull over" whilst pointing a gun at him multiple times. At 00:47, we finally got a chance to meet all the realistic criteria for a proper robbery and the owner of the van refused to comply. We could've killed him right then and there according to the robbery rules, but killing people didn't match our gang's personality and just to be safe, I decided to shoot the postal van instead to stall the car. 

I'm a bit confused, could you explain it to me? If someone refuses to comply with our demands during a robbery, are we just to let them leave?

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Just because you shout out of the window of your car, doesn't mean he can hear it on his end. You're sitting in a vehicle, whether you be near him or not, and he is in a vehicle where all windows and doors are still in-tact, he still may have no way of hearing you. You opened fire without having a valid roleplay reason to do so, as he never would have had the opportunity to comply with your demands, as he is in a vehicle that has the engine on. 

The original rule-breach reported was not broken in this video.

Clyde_Mahone did in-fact break non-roleplay by ramming a vehicle into the LS rivers, I can see that the reported parties did that by accident just based on how it landed.

It looked to me like Clyde Mahone was in-fact trying to put his hands up but he didn't know how for future reference that is CTRL + 1 or /up. 

Clyde_Mahone will receive a non-roleplay punishment for their non-RP stunt jump.

Petras_Ramunas (Mask 6297_6981) will receive a seventy-two (72) hour ban for their second offense of Deathmatching.

Thanks for the report.

Report Closed.

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