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Mask 3129_8588 6.6.1 Non-RP

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Player(s) being reported:  Mask 3129_8588
Date of rule breach: 10/NOV/2018
Time of rule breach: 9:40 PM EST

Your characters name: Enzo Bozzuto
Other players involved: N/A

Specific rule broken:
6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay.

How did the player break the rule?:
I was RPly tending to the wounds of an officer when a motorcycle drives up the side of a mountain, in the snow, just to get an angle on me and kill me. A followup bug report will be made due to CTRL+0 not working.

Evidence of rule breach:
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Hello and thank you for making this report.

@Titan95 Randy_Wolf (Mask 3129_8588) will have twenty-four (24) hours to answer the following question(s):

  • Why did you drive your motorcycle up the steep mountain, with snow being on that mountain?
  • What reasoning did you have to shoot Enzo_Bozzuto, the man treating the injuries of the suspect?


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Hi, as you can see my gang members are the ones on the ground, you can see some of them having matching clothes as me, i was at the ocean lab before i was radioed requesting backup at east northern highway next to tunnel, i made my way as soon as i heard the backup call, i did not know how many were alive or how many dead. my first reaction was to get an overview so i automatically for who knows why went for the mountains to see down, and i saw 1 cop there standing so i took the chance and shot him then i went to check out on my friends and who knows from where another cop appears so i panick and start shooting him aswell, right after that i dip back to the city to change clothes.

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The mountain may look steep on this footage but from the other angle its not quite like that, i was also going quite fast so i thought it would be enough momentum to get me up there instead of driving on the wrong lane right towards the officer, so i just did what came to my mind was best in that rp scenario and it worked out, im sorry for that bug happening for you i was not aware you were stuck in that animation since on my screen you were standing.

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