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Yao Jacky

Bondas - Yao Jacky (Ban Appeal)

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Account name: Bondakos
Character name(s):Yao Jacky

Admin who issued punishment: Charlie Mangione
Date of punishment:08/Nov/2018 03:54
Punishment received: Ban for 1 week

Reason given for punishment:
VDM | Offense #1 (Major)

Your explanation of what happened:
I crossed policemen over with my vehicle 2 times because we had fight with them and they were arresting my friends , I felt that I had to help my squad.
They were screaming (My friends) and felt bad for them and thought crossing policemen over with my car knowing that this is VDM reacted like a child.

Why should your appeal be accepted?:
I understood my mistake and I apologise for that. I am doing this first time and I was not thinking clearly and I feel bad for that.
I really want to play the server because I have played many Roleplay servers and this one is clearly the best I have ever player,
that makes me more angry with my self and how I reacted like a child.
I know that I dont deserve to get unbanned but trust me this will be the first and last time that you will ever see me doing something out of the rules.
Next time I do something out of the rules , even a bad roleplay just give me a permanent Ban.

Post any evidence or further details: Admin saw everything not much to say.

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@Yao Jacky, thank you for making this Punishment Appeal. Thank you for your patience as I have been out of town for the last few days.

I appreciate your honesty in game (though it took some coaxing) and your thoughtful response in this appeal. VDM is not taken lightly on Eclipse Roleplay and is punished heavily to deter those from trying it again. I will recommend this ban to remain in place but am looking forward to your return to the server because it sounds like you are going to take the rules more seriously this time. Your next VDM punishment may result in a permanent ban so please read through the Eclipse RP Rulebook again before your return to the server. 

Pending a response from a Head Admin+

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I understand and I have learned all the rules the days I couldnt join the server because of the ban. 
If its possible to remove ban from now you will make me really happy . I am banned already 5 days and trust me i learned my lesson.

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