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Casey Dow’s unfortunate Life

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Casey Dow lived with his parents in Dublin Ireland. They owned the biggest distillery for as far as the eye could see. When it was reported that Dow and Family had been putting harmful chemicals in the alcohol, the company was shut down, and the Dow family soon went into DEBT. They lost their house, their car, and Casey was eventually taken due to his parent’s inability to feed and take care of him. Casey lived in a foster home until after becoming old enough to leave. Everyone knew what family he was part of, and shamed him. He turned to the life of crime. He was taken in by a big drug family. He worked for them, making and delivering drugs, for 4 years. He earned enough money to move to LS, where he now sells drugs in the shadows of the alleyways and participates in street races on the side, with the occasional store robbery when cash is short. Casey is not one to be messed with.

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