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The life of Daniel Bradley (Adrian Thompson)

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Daniel Bradley was born as Adrian Thompson on the 12th of October in New Orleans in the year 1993. He was the only son of the Catholic couple Peter and Rose Thompson. Adrian was loved by his parents and they took very good care of him. Adrian’s father was employed as a lieutenant for one of the biggest mob bosses in New Orleans, Ricky Verlain. Verlain ruled about 36% of New Orleans and was considered one of the most powerful men in the city. One night, after a meeting with Verlaine and his men, Peter and Rose drove home but they never arrived. Peter and Rose were killed in a horrific car accident, Adrian was now an orphan. Adrian was sent to a Catholic orphanage in the French Quatre, where he was accepted with open arms. Adrian was seven years old at the time and had no other family left.


At the orphanage, Adrian met a boy named Billy. Billy was about the same age as Daniel, but just a little taller. Adrian and Billy quickly became friends and always hung out together. One day the boys wanted to try out smoking, so they stole money from a staff member and sneaked outside to buy a pack of cigarettes. They didn’t like it at first, but after a few puffs, they started to like it more and more. No one noticed their theft, so they decided to steal from the staff more often and hide the money in a shoebox under their beds. One day a staff member found out and beaten up both boys. Both boys were laying on their beds, full of bruises. They figured that some of the other children would have talked to the staff, so the next day they beat up several kids and threatened them to do it again if they would talk. Currently, both boys were twelve years of age. They continued their criminal behavior by stealing and beating up children. One day they stole from the pastor, who oversaw the orphanage. The bishop found out and beaten up the kids and then separated them. Billy ended up in the opposite wing of the orphanage, sometimes the two boys would sign each other with the mirrors they stole from the nuns. They would climb out of the windows at night and walk over the roof towards each other. This way they continued stealing from the staff members at the orphanage. One day Adrian tried to sign at Billy, but he got no response. An hour later he saw a car pull up at the main gate and Billy walking towards it together with a nun. Billy got adopted by an older couple and Daniel was all alone again.


Adrian continued stealing from staff members and beating up children, but he wasn’t as intimidating anymore. Sometimes he caught a few punches himself by other kids who tried to defend themselves from Adrian. This triggered something in Daniel’s head. He would kick the kids to the ground and keep kicking them until he was stopped by the guards. One time he almost killed another child, because the guards were having a break time. Luckily for the kid, two nuns saw the incident just in time to stop Adrian. After several times getting caught doing his criminal activities, he gets permanently grounded by the pastor and he is only allowed to leave his room for his education. Adrian wasn’t pleased about this, so he would often sneak out of his room through the window and continue his criminal behavior. After being caught again doing this, the pastor took away all his freedom. Adrian wasn’t allowed to leave his room for anything. He lived his life in the orphanage in complete solitude without any contact with the outside world. Adrian got used to it after a while, but he wasn’t the same person anymore.


After living for a few more years in solitude at the orphanage, Adrian was summoned to the office of the pastor. It was Adrian’s 18th birthday, so he knew what was about to happen. The pastor told him that they had to let him go since he was an adult now and that they weren’t going to miss him, because he was a pain in the ass. The pastor gave Adrian one hour to pack his bags and leave the orphanage, otherwise, he would call the cops. Daniel went to his room and packed all his stuff, including the shoebox with money which they had stolen through the year. In 15 minutes, Adrian was walking towards the gate while being insulted by others. Adrian wasn’t influenced by these guys since he thought he could take them all at once if needed. But then one guy swung a punch at Adrian, who dodged it and counterpunched at the guy. The guy fell to the ground and was picked up by guards to be returned inside the orphanage. Adrian continued his way to the gate and walked outside. He stretched out and looked around to appreciate his freedom. Then suddenly, a red muscle car pulled over at the orphanage gate. The door of the muscle car opened, and a familiar face stepped out of the vehicle. It was Billy who came to pick up Adrian from the orphanage. “Happy birthday Adrian!” Billy said. Adrian was surprised by this and for a few seconds he couldn’t respond, but then he thanked Billy and gave him a hug. “Get in. I got something for you.” Billy said to Adrian, who was already walking towards the vehicle. They both got in and Billy instructed Adrian to open the glovebox. In the glovebox, there was a long package with a ribbon around it. Adrian slowly removed the ribbon from the box and opened it. In the box was laying a Colt M1911 preloaded with three extra clips. “We got work to do,” Billy said, and Daniel returned a shady smile to Billy. They drove off together.


In the upcoming years, Adrian and Billy robbed stores and committed several burglaries. They were known as the “Rocket Brothers” since they were like brothers to each other and felt like they were the only family they had left. The word rocket comes from the speed and agility which the two boys had. Until now they managed to escape every pursuit with the police and were never caught. Until one night when they were robbing a gas station. They’d gone through the plan several times; Adrian had to aim at the shopkeeper while Billy emptied the cash register. If the shopkeeper would try to grab for a gun, Adrian would shoot. But they didn’t calculate what was going to happen next. The two walked into the store and Adrian immediately drew his gun to aim at the shopkeeper, who raised his hands just as planned. Billy tried to empty the cash register, but then an undercover cop shot Adrian in his shoulder from a corner. Adrian dropped to the ground and Billy surrendered himself to the undercover cop. They were taken to the police station and later that week sentenced to three years in prison for an armed robbery. Currently, both Adrian and Billy were 20 years of age.


The two boys ended where they began, locked up in a place with only their kind. But the two had a plan to survive the prison. They would make a name for themselves in prison, but for that to happen they first needed to meet a few people in the prison. The two walked up to an older man, probably mid-sixties. The boys tried to start a conversation with the man, but he did not respond. They tried again, but the man only responded with “What you here for?” The boys responded with the crime they committed and asked what the man did. “Oh well, you know… I’m in here for murder.” the man responded. “Who did you kill then?” Adrian asked the guy. The boys weren’t scared of the guy since he was twice their age and outnumbered. “Let me think… I think their names were… Peter and Rose Thompson.” the man said with a smile on his face. Adrian got in a trance at that point. He ran at the man and managed to get several punches off until he was stopped by Billy. Then four guards showed up and hit the two boys to the ground. “Good luck boys! I’m out tomorrow! the killer of Adrian’s parents shouted while the two were brought to solitary confinement. In the upcoming years, the boys managed to make some sort of a name for themselves, they got into several fights and won all of them. Everybody was afraid to get in the boys their way. The boys also asked around inside the prison about Adrian his parents. Adrian found out that his father was a gangster and that the car accident was, in fact, an assassination ordered by his own boss Verlain. Billy made a promise to Adrian, that they would find the guy who killed Adrian’s parents and avenge their death. Finally, they did their time in prison and were released. The two boys decided that their original names would only remember them of the past, so the two changed their names. Billy continued as Ryan Laurens and Adrian decided that Daniel Bradley would be the perfect name for him.


After two months of doing research about the killer of Daniels parents, they finally had a lead and even a location. The two heard that the killer's name was Grin Marsh and was currently in an active drug deal with some college student in an alleyway. The two ran to their car and drove off towards the location of Mr. Marsh. When they arrived, they stealthily parked their car and sneaked towards the alleyway. Mr. Marsh was standing with his back towards the two when the boys pulled out their guns and aimed at Mr. Marsh. The college boy ran off as a response to the guns. “Hi there Mr. Marsh, let’s have a little talk,” Daniel said. Mr. Marsh slowly turned around, but then quickly drew a small Smith & Wesson revolver and shot Ryan three times, before he fell to the ground by the three shots Daniel put in his chest as a reaction. Daniel ran towards Ryan to check up on him, but he was too late. Ryan, the only family Daniel knew was dead. Killed by the same son of a bitch that killed his parents. Daniel thought quickly and realized that Verlaine's men would show up soon, so he got into the car after closing Ryan’s eyes and taking his gun. He drove off quickly towards the airport, he had to leave the city. Halfway towards the airport, a black sedan pulled over in front of Daniel which caused Daniel to stop. Three suited men got out of the car and opened fire at Daniel’s vehicle. Daniel managed to dodge the bullets and get out of the car. Daniel returned fire at the three suits and then ran off towards the airport since the tires of the cars were caught in the crossfire. When Daniel reached the airport, he got on a plane with the cheapest ticket possible and flew off into the horizon.


After having traveled for two years after the incident with Mr. Marsh, Daniel decided it was time to start over. He currently was in San Francisco and decided that he wanted to start over in Los Santos with a clean record. He rented a car in San Francisco and drove towards Los Santos, where he started over …

Written by Daniel_Richards (WildTyphon)

Edited by Daniel_Richards
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