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Flucifial (Forum Complain)

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Player(s) being reported: Flucifial
Date of rule breach:Yesterday
Time of rule breach:like 12 hrs from how

Your characters name: Drake Ryan
Other players involved:N/A

Specific rule broken: Abusing permissions

How did the player break the rule?: He striked me for bumping a techncal support thread, Thread made one week ago  by me and I waited few days for a response then bumped the thread again.
Then he striked me for that.

Evidence of rule breach: Thread: https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/topic/11428-i-want-to-change-my-forum-username/
Edited by Drake_Dios_Ryan
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Additional information:

Previous last message date: October 8

Last message date: 18 hrs ago (October 13)

So five days passed and he striked me for bumping a thread of mine which I have not got any response during this period of time (5 days).

Email qoute:


Hi Drake_Dios_Ryan, 
You have been warned by Flucifial for a comment made in a topic, I want to change my forum username 



Reason: Topic Bumping
Content: I want to change my forum username
  • Given 2 points which will never expire.

Do not post replies to your topic to bump it. Wait patiently w/o spam. 

" Edited by Drake_Dios_Ryan
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Hello, thanks for this report.

I issued you two warning points for Topic Bumping as you replied to your topic saying "Bump" which is considered Spam. All threads, whether it be a player report, punishment appeal, bug report, suggestion, refund request, or technical support thread, do not allow that, therefore I issued two warning points. These warning points do not affect your forum profile, they simply show you have been warned for this issue.

Pending @Charlie Mangione


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