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[ECLIPSE Roleplay] Eclipse Roleplay Guide

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Official Eclipse Roleplay Guide
Written by: The Eclipse Staff Team


This server-guide will teach all players the basics of roleplay and aim players to roleplay success. This entire guide is based off the latest rule-book, released September 21st, 2018. As new rule-books are modified and created, this roleplay guide will be updated. In the event that a new rule-book is released and said rule-book contradicts anything stated in this roleplay guide, roleplay by what the rule-book says.

Please know that copy and pasting anything from this guide to our roleplay quiz will result in automatic denial of your quiz. All quiz answers should be in YOUR own words.


What is Roleplay?

Roleplaying is acting out or performing scenarios that may happen in the perspective of a make-believe person or character. In Eclipse Roleplay, the roleplay opportunities are endless. You can roleplay as a police officer, gangster, news anchor, and more! There are some limitations, but these limitations are in place to ensure the roleplay experience for everyone is the best that it can be. Some of these limitations include roleplaying as terrorists, gods, or superheroes

Before joining the game, put some thought into the character(s) you will be roleplaying. Think about their background, family life, education, social group, age, race, and personality type. When choosing a name for your character, ensure the name does not mock the name of a popular fictional character or famous person. Character names should also not be intentional joke names. (Ex. Mike Hawk, Mike Roch, Osvaldons Wife, First Last, etc.)


Common Roleplay Terms


IC stands for in-character. If you are in-game and using voice-chat or in-character text chat, you must roleplay the thoughts, feelings, and personality of your character at all times. You should never talk about your real life in voice-chat or in-character text chat under any circumstances. There are many commands to assist you in roleplaying. These commands include but are not limited to /radio, /shout, /me, and /do. (Descriptions and uses of in-character and roleplay commands will be explained below.) Never use symbols, abbreviations or emojis in in-character chat. You should treat written chat as you would voice chat.



OOC stands for out-of-character. Out-Of-Character is any required communications between players. Whenever in-game, you should avoid out-of-character chat as much as possible unless it is necessary for roleplay. Acceptable uses of out-of-character would be, for example, asking for consent to sexual roleplay, or stating you can’t respond right away due to an IRL situation.


Non-Roleplay (also known as Fail Roleplay):

Non-roleplay is a term used to describe unrealistic events or actions that hurt the roleplay experience of others. A common example of this would be using a sport or super-car to ram other vehicles. This is considered non-roleplay because this is a very unrealistic action. Roleplay is meant to be as realistic as possible.



Metagaming can be a term used to describe many different things. A common definition of this term is using out-of-character information to your in-character advantage. Some of the examples of metagaming are: using discord to call for backup if you’re being pulled over, talking OOCly in VOIP, pm’ing a friend your location, etc. You can tell a friend to log in, but they would still have to find out the information in character.


Let’s say you are told that your friend was arrested for a charge of Possession of a Controlled Substance via discord. Your character would not know this information as you were informed of this on an OOC medium. Even suggesting to someone else in-game that your friend was arrested could be considered metagaming.



Powergaming is a term that describes performing unrealistic roleplay or forcing roleplay on others without giving them the opportunity to resist or fight back. All in all, when a player loses control of their character unwillingly due to another players action, the other player could be powergaming.



Deathmatching is the act of killing or attacking other players without having a valid in character reason to do so. There’s different categories of deathmatching:

  • Mercy Killing:
    Mercy-Killing is a form of deathmatching and non-roleplay that describes when a player attacks or kills another player who is injured in order to expedite their death process. This can result in a deathmatching classed punishment. If the player being killed, asks to be killed, the player asking to be killed is breaking the non-roleplay rule. 
  • Revenge Killing:
    Not only does Revenge Killing break the New Life Rule
    , it also breaks the Deathmatching rule too. Revenge Killing is a term that describes a player that kills another player simply because they’ve killed them before. With the New Life Rule in effect, your character will lose all memory of the events leading up to their death, including the identity of the killer and the fact that the killer killed them in the first place. Breaking this rule could result in a New Life Rule, Deathmatching, and sometimes even a Metagaming punishment.
  • Vehicle Deathmatching:
                Vehicle Deathmatching is a term used to describe a form a deathmatching in-which a vehicle is used as a weapon without having a valid reason to do so. A simple example of this would be using a vehicle to ram into a police officer simply because they are a police officer. Vehicle Deathmatching is the most severe form of deathmatching and could result in an almost double the punishment a regular form of deathmatching would be.
  • Kill on Sight (KOS):
    Kill on Sight is a term used to describe a roleplay scenario
    in-which you just kill or attack a player without performing any sort of roleplay. Kill on Sight is only permitted when the player you’re attacking had previously tried to kill you in the past 24 hours (IRL time) where NLR hasn’t been triggered, a theft of item(s) valuing more than $75,000 (excluding vehicles), or if someone is actively or taking hostage a close friend. Otherwise, this form of roleplay could result in a major deathmatching classed punishment.


New Life Rule:

The New Life Rule, or NLR for short, is a rule that is meant to prevent metagaming due to a death of a character. New Life Rule means that once you have died, your character forgets all of the events leading up to their death including the identity of their killer or reason of death. New Life Rule also states that all players should avoid roleplay with each other in the event a death of a relative or friend occurs. It also states that after you have died, you must wait at least thirty (30) minutes before returning to the area of your death or interacting with the players involved in your death.


Roleplay Logging:

Roleplay Logging, or Combat Logging, is a term that is used to refer to those players that log off off or go AFK during active roleplay. If your game crashes, you must return to the game within 15 minutes or inform the players you were roleplaying with that you are experiencing issues, within 15 minutes. Failure to do any of those two things are considered Combat & Roleplay Logging.


No Crime Zone:

No Crime Zone is a term and rule used to describe “safe-zones” or zones in the server where no more than victimless crimes may be committed. These zones are also indicated in game, in the bottom left corner above the street name. In these zones, you’re allowed to commit victimless crimes. This means that you can’t commit any action where another player or their property is harmed.

The following list of locations are places where you may only commit victimless crimes inside of them:

  • The block surrounding and the interior of the Los Santos Police Department.
  • The block surrounding and the interior of Los Santos Medical Center.
  • The block surrounding and the interior of all active banks.
  • The block surrounding and the interior of Tequila-La-La poker lounge.
  • The interior of The Yellow Jack Inn poker lounge.
  • The Airport drop off (New character spawn).
  • The parking lot of the DMV.
  • The Bolingbroke Prison and the parking lot / gate interior surrounding.

Below is a list of crimes of some examples, but not limited to these, that may be committed in a No Crime Zone:

  • Drug/Alcohol Use in Public.
  • Drug/Weapon Dealing.
  • Prostitution.
  • Any Possession Charge.

Below is a list of crimes of some examples, but not limited to these, that may not be committed in a No Crime Zone:

  • Armed Robbery.
  • Grand Theft Auto.
  • Arson.
  • Murder.


Roleplay Commands

/me, /ame, /my, /amy:

These group of four commands are all used to describe actions or things that are happening to your character. /me and /my will show up in the text-box, located on the upper left of your screen (while in-game). /ame and /amy will show up above your head for other players and in a subtitle on the bottom of the screen for you. To let the transition look good, refrain from starting your first word after the command with a capital letter, and talk about yourself in third person.


In order to follow the powergaming rule, you must always word your /me’s, /ame’s, /my’s, and /amy’s in a way that will give the other player the opportunity to resist, in the event your /me’s, /ame’s, /my’s, or /amy’s are directed towards other players.


Examples of valid /(a)me’s:

  • /me takes a pair of handcuffs off of his duty belt and attempts to handcuff him.
  • /me offers the man a warm and inviting smile.
  • /me takes the AK-47 off of his back and aims it at Christopher’s head.

Examples of invalid /(a)me’s:

  • /me forcefully stops, searches, and kicks Melissa to the ground.
  • /me thinks your character is stupid.
  • /me breaks the man's left leg.
  • /me reaches for his penis (always ask for sexual roleplay consent first!).

The above list of invalid /me’s are fixed below:


  • /me attempts to grab Melissa from behind; /do Would I be successful?
  • /me attempts to pat Melissa down from head to toe; /do Would you resist?
  • /me attempts to kick Melissa down on the ground; /do Would I be successful?
  • There is no proper way of correcting the second /me, mental roleplay is not allowed with /me’s and /do’s here.
  • /me attempts to grab the mans leg and break it; /do Would I be successful?

Examples of valid /(a)my’s:

  • /my wallet would fall out of his pocket and onto the floor.
  • /my vehicle tires are all popped.
  • /my phone would be turned to silent.

Examples of invalid /(a)my’s:

  • /my attempts to cuff the man.
  • /my gun shoots the man killing him instantly.
  • /my head thinks his head is gone.



This command is a command used to describe actions that are happening around you, specific details of the roleplay scenario, and are a strong roleplay enhancer. It is a commonly used command that is used for relation to a /me action, again, for preventing powergaming.


Examples of proper usage of /do’s:

  • A medic arrives at your location and you are injured. The medic would begin to perform medical roleplay on your character via /me’s and /do’s. The medic asks what sort of visible injuries she would see on you. A valid response to his/her /do would be: /do A severe road-rash.
  • A police officer attempts to handcuff you and asks if you’d like to resist or not in a /do. A valid response to his/her /do would be: /do I would not resist. Be careful not to break the non-roleplay rule by continuing to resist after continued tazes or other actions that may be taken towards your resistant character.
  • You are in your office awaiting an applicant to arrive for an interview at Downtown Cab Company. You had previously roleplayed putting a nametag with your name on your desk in the office. The applicant arrives and walks into the office, and you want them to know your name via the nametag on your desk. A valid /do for this situation would be: /do You would see a nametag on the desk reading “Matthew Permuy.”

Examples of improper usage of /do’s:

  • /do My character thinks your stupid.
  • /do I’m driving.
  • /do I did nothing wrong, officer.


Character Interaction

When interacting with other characters, you always want to do so in a good roleplay manner. Always follow the guidelines listed above. Next are a few, up to date, examples of common roleplay interactions.


Meeting Someone New:

When meeting another character, you never want to call them by their Stranger/Mask ID above their head. That is an out-of-character form of identification in order to track rule-breakers.


To learn someone’s name, you must do so by roleplaying ICly. Below are a couple scenarios in-which a character is meeting another character that he/she has never met before.


Proper Meeting Scenario

Person 1 says: Hello, sir! How are you?

Person 2 says: I’m good, ma’am, how about you?

Person 1 says: Oh just wonderful! Say, I don’t believe we have met, what is your name, sir?

Person 2 says: My name is Michael, ma’am… and you?

Person 1 says: My name is Vera, pleasure to meet you.

Person 1: /me offers a warm and inviting smile to the man.

Person 1: /do Would you smile back at me?

Person 2: /do Absolutely!

Person 2 says: Well I must get going, again, pleasure to meet you. Farewell!


Improper Meeting Scenario

Person 1 says: Show me your license, now. <- That is improper because it is not very realistic for people to just go around asking for licenses.

Person 2: /license 101

Person 2 says: Give me yours now. <- Again, that is also improper because this is not a very well roleplayed meeting scenario.

Person 1: /license 42

Person 1 says: K, bye, lol. <- That is improper because you can not use acronyms within in-character text-chat.


Racist Remarks:

Your character is allowed to be racist and make racist remarks, however, the moment that anything racist leaks into out-of-character mediums, expect to be punished accordingly. If the persons you’re roleplaying with express their discomfort in out-of-character chat, respect their wishes and stop your remarks. Everyone needs to treat each other with mutual respect on this server.


Being Pulled Over:

If caught speeding or running a red light, you risk being pulled over by (an) officer(s) of the Los Santos Police Department. During a traffic stop scenario, you must maintain a good roleplay standard. Your character is not allowed to bait police into pulling them over as this breaks a server rule. If you have nothing to hide during a traffic stop, it’s not best to tell them you have a bunch of drugs in the car, if you don’t, same goes for any other false remark like that.


Players often like to argue with officers on an out-of-character medium due to officer mistakes or disagreements. Please remember this is a game and everything said or done ICly must stay IC and not leak into the OOC realm of the community.


Medic Interactions:

If you ever need medical attention, call 911 on your phone and ask for the medics. Try being descriptive when telling the dispatch what your problem is, and keep your description in character. Saying you are dying is wrong, as you technically don’t die, just black out. Saying you are injured also doesn’t give the medic a lot to work on, so try to be as descriptive as possible in the phone call about your wounds. When the medic arrives, tell them your injuries in a /do when asked. It’s a good idea to think about how you’re gonna word it, maybe even typing it out beforehand. Pay good attention to the chat, as the medic will ask for a lot of information and permissions, and they need your input! After being transported to the hospital, thank your medic and don’t hang around the hospital drop off area.


Mechanic Interactions:

If your car is in need of some modifications or repairs, you can head down to one of the mechanic shops in town. Park up in the area indicated to you, and wait for a mechanic to come over to you. When they ask you what they can help you with, be a bit descriptive in what you want. If you want a repair, tell them what damage you have to your damage in a /do. If you want a visual, let the mechanic get in your car to double check your order in /modview. Accept the offer they send you with a /me or a /do, and wait patiently as your car is undergoing service. Strike a conversation with others, or read the RP of the mechanic. When finished, thank your mechanic and drive off again!


Gang Interactions:

Naturally, a person in a group of people will feel invincible as long as he remains close to that group of people. If you are challenged by a gang, it is recommended that you don’t try to pull off a Rambo as this will cause other players to frown upon you in the future.


Whether you’re a cop, civilian, government faction employee, or another gang member being challenged by a large group of people, you should try to act intimidated to maintain a good roleplay standard.



In the event you are being robbed by (a) person(s), you should always act scared and obey their commands, if a gun is being pointed to you within close range, to obey the Fear Roleplay rule. If you are able to wiggle yourself out of a certain situation WITH proper roleplay, feel free to do so. Otherwise, it’s best to just give the robbers what they want.


Criminal Roleplay

Criminal Roleplay is probably the most popular form of roleplay on Eclipse Roleplay. There are many commands to assist you in performing Criminal Roleplay, they are listed on our official Commands List. Always ensure to follow the Eclipse Roleplay Server Guidelines & Rules when performing criminal roleplay to ensure everyone has a fun and pleasant experience during this roleplay, especially the victims of the crimes.


Government Faction Employee Roleplay

If you are on-duty as a Government Faction Employee, you must never go AFK for more than 5 minutes, use a macro to make money, or perform Criminal Roleplay where there are severe law breaches. Doing so can result in you getting removed from the faction, or even admin punishment.


A Weazel News Employee must not sit at their headquarters all day without any sort of roleplay as a news-anchor, such as writing articles or filming videos.


A Downtown Cab Company Employee must not spend their time out of their vehicle and talking with people, or completely disregarding their faction duties.


A LSC or Bayview Auto Center Mechanic must not be cruising around in their tow truck, help criminals by opening the gates or leaving the faction headquarters on-duty without valid reasoning.


A Police Officer must not sit in their locker-room doing nothing or any other activity that doesn’t involve faction duties.


A Paramedic must not create drugs at a drug lab, commit crimes on duty or any other activity that doesn’t involve faction duties.


Important Notes

In this server, you will encounter amazing roleplayers, and you will encounter bad roleplayers, and some may have bad, or even malicious intents. If you ever encounter rule-breakers, you are always encouraged to report these players either via /report ingame or via a forum report.


Roleplaying is supposed to be fun and we know that fun can be drawn out by roleplayers, or even those that constantly complain via out-of-character chats about the way you roleplay. It is not good to always go into OOC, it’s best to remain IC as much as possible. OOC should always be a last resort, as it can break up the roleplay heavily.


Treat your character like a real life human being. This means that you should show people and property the same amount of respect you would in real life. This also means that you should value your life, and do your best to get injured as little as possible. By treating yourself and your surroundings with respect, you’ll have less to spend less time waiting on medics and repairs, and have more times to roleplay.


Starting out can be a bit awkward, and you’ll have to look around to figure out what the best paid jobs and hotspots are. The more exploring you do yourself, the quicker you’ll be acquainted with the city. Don’t hesitate to reach out to other players and ask for help! If you ask nicely, there will be plenty of players willing to point you in the right directions.


Be creative with your roleplay! You don’t have to describe every action in full detail but if you can then it allows for the development of a creative roleplay scenario. Make your character interesting so that others can enjoy your roleplay and to help influence others to roleplay creatively too. Things like putting on your seatbelt or stating an environmental /do can help spice up your RP with little effort.


If you ever encounter a new player or someone who does not roleplay correctly, always try to help them out. Don’t threaten them with reports or other sorts of threats, constructive criticism is key. Try to help them out in some of our out-of-character chats to influence them to become better roleplayers. We were all new to the server at some point, and not everybody has the same learning curve. Be gentle and patient with your fellow players!



Hopefully, you’ve learned something through this updated roleplay guide! If you ever have any questions or would like some help in-game with roleplaying, don’t be afraid to reach out to the Eclipse Staff team! We have many different ways of contacting staff including but not limited to: our help-desk in the discord server, our technical support section on the forums, or our /report command in-game.

Remember to read the official rule-book to understand absolutely there is to know about:


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