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Abusing the Phantoms glitch / Non-RP

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Player(s) being reported: Phil Mcgee, Leron Davis
Date of rule breach: Multiple dates, will be added under each video
Time of rule breach: Multiple

Your characters name:Shannon Reels
Other players involved:Everyone whos been victim to this 

Specific rule broken:
2.3 Server Bugs
6.6.1 Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay.

How did the player break the rule?: As most people in the server know, the Phantom has a glitch where it appears that the driver/passenger are shooting out of the back
These people go round using the Phantom to shoot people as they know that they can hit anyone who is behind the truck (which sometimes shouldnt be possible as the side of the truck would block their view)
but due to the visual glitch they can make these unrealistic shots. 
Many people believe they are abusing this glitch as they are always having their truck facing away from whos shooting so that the people they are shooting cannot shoot them as it just hits the back of the truck

Also its kinda Non-RP to use a vehicle that was designed to haul trailers and is a source of income to go round getting into shootouts with people as they could risk breaking their truck and no longer have that source of income

Evidence of rule breach:
https://gyazo.com/cfd5ae09a845f64cd1201b9b7c049343 - 30th Sept 
https://gyazo.com/80ec44f9ef678a9104b166825ce8e0e5 - ? 
https://gyazo.com/46c42d9b3634ae4ebae0c3b003a41bff - ?
https://plays.tv/video/5b985261db4d437ef4/bug-abuse - 11th Sept
https://plays.tv/video/5b985ace95dbcba0ed/vdm-and-kos - 11th Sept
https://plays.tv/video/5ba55b1d4686ec678a/dm - 21st Sept

6th Oct - you can clearly see the passenger (who was on the right) shoots from an impossible angle, through the truck and injures Femo

Edited by Shannon
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The threads you got those videos from were also reporting us for using the truck, all of them involving shooting out of the truck were denied:

Those were all the threads you got those videos from. In each thread the admins found that it was not bug abusing or fail rp, rather it was a desync issue and a game mechanic. Idk what else to tell you or what you want to hear.

Here's an Administrator stating that it's not a bug or Fail/Non RP:

To your point that it is non-rp to drive around a semi truck unless your hauling a trailer, I think that's just false. It's available to the public and no admins have stated that you must travel around with a trailer in order to be properly RPing.

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Thank you for giving me an opportunity to respond. Firstly, if your issue was truly with us shooting out of the back of the Phantom and not just an OOC disliking of us, then you would also agree that the other vehicles that have the same bug should be removed and considered bug abusing as well, right? I've complied a short list of vehicles off the top of my head that have this same "bug". The list is as follows:

Any super car or sports car that has a rear engine blocking their field of view, such as the Zentorno

All kinds of vans, such as:

Rumpo (Weazel van)
Boxville (Postal truck)
Speedo (Farming truck)
SWAT/Police vehicles such as:

SWAT transport vehicle

That's just a small list of vehicles that I can think of off the top of my head that have the same issue as the Phantom. Do you believe that people that shoot out of the back of all of those vehicles would be bug abusing? The claim is just ridiculous. The only reason that I see you wanting the use of the Phantom to be considered bug abusing, is because it's the only vehicle you've seen Leron or I use. I firmly believe that this isn't for the betterment of the server but just for the betterment of your gang which is on the receiving end of getting killed from this truck. You wouldn't make the same complaint/report if you were shot from a postal truck.

That brings me to another point, this is like the 3rd time that we have been reported for this same thing. I don't know why you @Musketdeeznuts are even taking the time to come up with a conclusion to this, as it directly violates one of the only forum rules. Which states that an admins decision is final, you cannot be reported twice for the same issue. And as Leron already linked 3 threads that we've been reported in for using the truck.  This perticular person reporting is part of an active report already claiming "Bug Abuse" so she essentially reporting us for the same alleged offense which is again against the forum rules. Why not wait to see how that report plays out?

Once a staff member has made a final decision, you may not post the player report again.
As Leron already posted, several well-respected administrators of our community have already ruled that using the Phantom is not against the rules. I don't know why this hasn't already been resolved. Here's 2 admins stating that the Phantom isn't fail rp or bug abusing.





Thanks for reading.

Edited by Phil McGee
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Hello everyone!

After talking to the highest ranking staff members about this report. We as a team have come to the following conclusion:

@Dashingly Leron_David // Stranger 2051_5734
@Phil McGee Phil_Mcgee // Mask 5747_9862
will both receive a warning to not abuse it again and that punishments will be issued for powergaming if it occurs again. If it happens again it will also count as disobeying admins and can be punished further. This mechanic is seen as a unrealistic action and abusing it is not acceptable within eclipse roleplay server.

Report Accepted and Archived.

Kind Regards


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