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Mask 1618 9918 & Mask 4922 3072 - (6.6.2 Non-RP - Cop Baiting)

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Player(s) being reported: Mask 1618 9918 & Mask 4922 3072

Date of rule breach: 09/10/2018

Time of rule breach: 23:20 BST

Your characters name: Carlos Esteban (MSJC)

Other players involved: Helene Charbonneau (DeniseC)

Specific rule broken:

" An attempt to provoke a police chase, without a realistic reason, also known as “cop baiting” (a realistic reason
would be to divert police units away from an area, where your allies plan to commit a serious crime or are in the
progress of one); "

How did the player break the rule?:

Mask 1618 9918 along with his buddy Mask 4922 3072, rolled up to me and Helene Charbonneau as we were taking care of a 10-15 that had just been dropped of at Sandy Shores MD.

As i heard the bikes, i turned around and Mask 1618 9918 says to me "Hey, look what i have" whilst having a visible AK-47 on his back. He then slowly turns around and waits for a reaction from me. Leading me to believe he was actively looking for a pursuit or to lure us into an ambush.

Evidence of rule breach:



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Hello @MSJC and @Denise C and thank you for making a player report

@Paul_Rizzuto Paul_Rizzuto // Mask 4922_3072
Mask 1618_9918 // Michael_Cornway
Both have 24 hours to respond with their side of the story. If you see Mask 1618_9918 // Michael_Cornway ingame. please let him know about this forum report

Kind Regards

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