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1634_8104 (VDM in NCZ and looted my vehicle in NCZ)

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I just left tequilalala to hop onto my bike and watch a car go straight into me. I was a confused at the start on why that happened, he calls me a medic and then i asked him to check my bike to see if it was unlocked, he hops onto it and then i noticed him taking my 3 pistols i had inside, which were 2 .50 pistols and a heavy pistol. I tried to talk to him but he then decided to flee the scene as soon as he grabbed my items.  I'm unable to tag the video of it happening to this forum as i have it as a MP4 video, if you could, contact me for the video on discord @Solja#7970 or on the discord i'm called Solja. I just want my items back as this is the main reason i'm doing this. However if unable to get the items i don't mind, i just want this settled as it annoyed me.

Tag was 1634_8104. 




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