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Stranger 9659_9377 (6.3, 6.4, 6.6) Stranger 7168_1391 (6.3)

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Player(s) being reported: Stranger 9659_9377, Stranger 7168_1391

Date of rule breach: 9th of October, 2018

Time of rule breach: +-14:30 UTC +2

Your characters name: Elisabeth Cooper

Other players involved: Joshua Fellows, Stranger 4914_4004

Specific rule broken:

6.3. Metagaming - 6.3.3. Sending PM's to coordinate a pickup between both (I have footage that spans over 11 minutes of Stranger 9659_9377 typing; but nothing popping up in chat.)

6.4. Powergaming - 6.4.2. Getting in a car when handcuffed with no help.

6.6. Non-Roleplay - 6.6.1. Running off when an officer was patting him down (we allowed him to stand up so he wouldn't get AFK checked, but he never went back to /down), and the officer sidetracked looking at footage that was sent to him IC.

How did the player break the rule?:

Joshua and I were handling the arrest of Stranger 9659_9377. During the course of the arrest, he kept typing but never put anything in chat. At the time, we didn't think to much of it. We thought he was just typing roleplay responses, and changed his mind. Joshua cuffs the man, and goes to pat him down. The man asks to stand up to circumvene the AFK check, and we allow it. Joshua recieves IC footage, and is reviewing it before he takes the suspect into custody. Stranger 4914_4004, a friend of the suspect, shows up out of nowhere and attempts to distract us. A patient I was treating earlier logs back in from a power outage, and I go over to resume our RP.

Stranger 7168_1391, the friend of the suspect, rolls up with his car and Stranger 9659_9377 sprints off to the car, instantly getting in and driving off together. Joshua tried tazing the man, but seeing as he was bugged (as can be seen on the video), he didn't get stunned.

Seeing as there has been absolutely no communication between the two for over 10 minutes (except when Stranger 9659_9377 radio'd in his location whilst under taze gunpoint of Joshua, whilst /down), we suspect these two have been metagaming their location and the pickup. The fact that Stranger 7168_1391 just rolls up, without any RP (VOIP, honking, anything) enforces the idea that this was metagamed via PM's. I don't know how Stranger 4914_4004 comes into the fold, but seeing as they are friends, I can only think he's somehow involved.

Seeing as Stranger 9659_9377 was cuffed, and Joshua was standing right next to him, it makes no sense that he could have just ran off like that, let alone get into the car. The fact that he just gets into the car with 0 RP from his buddy, dispite having his hands cuffed at the back, is a clear breach of Powergaming and Non-RP. Seeing as Joshua was just closing down the footage at the time (hence his delayed reaction), he couldn't react timely IC as we didn't expect this to happen.

Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5bbca55bdeca9e7699. I can provide the entire arrest that spans over 10 minutes, if needed.

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hello @ElisabethC and thank you for making a player report.

Stranger 9659_9377 // Patrick_Parker
@Jaimuzu  Stranger 7168_1391 // Maksymilian_Kaluza

Both have 24 hours to respond with their side of the story. I could not locate Patrick_Parkers forum account, please let him know if you see him ingame about this report.

Kind Regards

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There is a lot of information you are withholding Elisabeth. This whole situation was far longer than 10minutes. It first occurred hours before when you saw us murder someone. I am replying now because I don't have enough time to explain everything. So please could you wait for me to fully explain my side of the story.

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The situation started when I murdered Elisabeth's patient before she arrived, she found us at the scene and gained information from a civilian that I had killed him, Stranger 9659_9377 was with me when I committed the felony. We left and later passed MD, can't remember why, but we were there and Elisabeth called for PD backup, I left when the police arrived but 9659_9377 stayed. He then radio'd in to me that he was getting arrested. I passed the MD a couple times to see what was going on, so I was able to gain more than enough information to carry out my escape plan, so I understand why you may have thought this was metagaming if you did not notice me. As for the getaway in the car, he was inside the vehicle with me, it did not look like this on my screen. Not sure what happened here, maybe lag, but I guess for both me and him we were both in the car

The typing you are referring to, from what I can recall, was Stranger 9659_9377 complaining to me about you rulebreaking, something to do with you telling him to eat a burger instead of providing him medical attention, I have no idea about any of this nor can remember it but, this was along the lines of what happened.

Stranger 4914_4004 can be seen whispering to Stranger 9659_9377 in the clip here. Stranger 4914_4004 is a member of my gang and I called him over to aid me in helping my friend evade the police. I took him down to the MD and told him to distract Elisabeth and the cop and tell Stranger 9659_9377 to run to my car (the whispering can be seen in your clip). I was on the radio to Stranger 4914_4004 the whole time he was there.

In defence of Stranger 9659_9377, it is not impossible for someone to open a car door while cuffed, so I would not class it as powergaming, maybe a '/me opens the door from behind' would be necessary, but in an intense moment like this it would not make total sense to stop and type a roleplay action out.

Elisabeth I find it unprofessional of you to withhold information in your report, as a member of Support staff I think you should have known better. She knew I had been at the MD, as I was the one who dropped Stranger 9659_9377 off there. She saw Stranger 4914_4004 whispering to him, showing information being passed on from me to Stranger 4914_4004 to Stranger 9659_9377.  She has also cut the clip to hide the fact she opened fire on my vehicle.

I would like to counter report Elisabeth Cooper for Non-rp due to what can be seen in her footage. It does not make roleplay sense for a medic to aim her gun at someone for anything other than self defense, and conduct vigilantism and attempt to stop a fugitive, especially when she has an injured patient to tend to. I also believe Elisabeth to have broken the deathmatching rule, she did not have a valid reason to attack me and shoot at my vehicle, her life was not in danger and she is not an officer.

Edited by Jaimuzu
added part about driving off
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i had some trouble with logging in to my account, i am Stranger 9659_9377. I want to tell you my side of the story. i was typing indeed, but i was typing that she failed rp, because i was almost dead, and i asked her if she could help me. But her answer was go to the store to get some food(you have the recordings so show that to). And why i didnt get stunned? i am not sure i just entered the car., and drove off with him. and by the way, he knew where i was because he saw me getting arrested, so there was no need to pm him where i was. And how did i get in the car while handcuffed? you can handcuff me and i will get in a car, its possible in real life, so why would that not be possible in a game?

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Hello, and thank you both for responding!

Let me just counter some of your replies, as Musket hasn't closed it down yet.

  • I knew you were going to bring up the whole "burger" thing. This is 200% unrelated to the report. This report is about you both doing unrealistic actions, which severely hurt the experience of both me and Joshua. Me asking Stranger 9659_9377 to go to a general store is not a punishable offense (I quote: "Why are you asking me, and not going to a general store?". I never even mentioned the "burger", this was all you). As a medic, I am allowed to deny you treatment for wrongly parked patients, and if people only come up to me for a quick /heal. I even recognised you instantly as the murderer. Do you really think you can murder someone IRL in front of a medic, boast about it in her face at the time and then recieve treatment an hour or three later? All you said was that you fell down a scooter. You never did a /me, all you did was /anim laydown. You didn't have any issues walking around, and you even initially agreed to going to a general store! The only reason you got out again, was because I started /recording. In fact, you even went further but to insult my level of RP, which really tipped the scales against you. Even during the arrest, you didn't stop the insulting both in VOIP and /o for refusing to /heal you. I have two screenshots from my recordings: One (pre-arrest) and two (during arrest). I wasn't going to include these in my original post because I didn't want the whole general store thing brought up, as it was unrelated. I'm bringing it up now for the sake of clarity, and counter-argument.
  • I had just come back from a series of calls and a code 0, and I wanted a small moment to breathe. Your friend was very insistant (and after my refusal blatantly rude as can be seen above), and it triggered me. If he felt that I was rude to him, I sincerely apologise for that and losing my professionalism for a bit. I know you may think I'm being sarcastic, but I'm not. If he had brought up this issue at the time, I'd have apologised then. Instead, he chose to bash me.
  • I did see you guys whispering, and I did talk it over with Joshua that there might be no metagaming involved. But, if you'd have read my words carefully, you'd see that I can never actually pinpoint you metagaming. This is an accusation, that I had a fellow mod investigate in light of the report. Musket has the evidence of said investigation.
  • Sure, it's not impossible to open up a door whilst being cuffed, but there is no way you'd do it faster than a cop pulling out his taser, and stunning you. Unless  ofcourse, you're part of Cirque Du Solei, which I doubt. Seeing as there is absolutely no RP involved, and you do the action as if you're not cuffed, I reported you for it.
  • I don't see what info I witheld in the information. If you're talking about the whispering, that's obviously seen. If you're talking about me driving around, I didn't see because I was too busy making sure your buddy went to jail. If you're talking about the "burger", that is unrelated as stated above.
  • I never ever opened fire on your vehicle. I'll even provide you the clip below. In this clip you can see that I didn't fire a single bullet. I never even had the intention to. Joshua tased Stranger 9659_9377, and that may have caused damage to your vehicle due to the desync. If anything, I aimed to see if I could maybe get a warning shot off, or a shot at the tire, but it was too risky and it wouldn't help anyone. There was no way I would have been realistically able to shoot you guys, anyway, and I RP Elisabeth as a horrible shot. The only reason I reached for my gun, was because Joshua had his taser out and in case you guys tried to go into counter attack.
  • Lastly, if you'd like to counter report me, feel free to open up your own report. This report is about you two; and not me.

You guys saw me at MD. You recognised me from when you killed that poor man. You saw me calling you out on recognising you. You saw me radio in PD, but you decided to stick around. Even better, you drove off and then came back, right in front of us. Stranger 7168_1391 even admitted to murder in front of Joshua's face, and driving off when Joshua asked you under gunpoint to get out of the vehicle. He fired a warning shot at you when you drove off, and he called you in as wanted. Hell, you were even pulled over minutes later. You admitted yourself to regularly coming back to the scene after doing this "stunt", whilst you had plenty of signs your description was wanted. Did you accidentally admit to copbaiting? That's not up to me to decide, but Musket.

I was gonna use my ingame recording of /record, which all of you saw and commented on, to report you in-game to PD. It's very sad it had to come down to this route. I do appreciate you both giving your side of the story, and I hope we can stop the back and forth here. A civilised discussion would be the perfect outcome here.

Link of the clip, including him talking over radio as mentioned in my original post; and me not firing a single shot: (uploaded on Youtube because Plays wouldn't upload it)


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Sorry for the insults indeed, had a bad day… I am normally not like this to anyone ;But you refused me for parking wrong when i needed help? in real life if someone had a accident, you would be refusing the patient because he parked his scooter wrong? And going to a general store is almost the same as saying 'buy a burger' or is it just me? 

Edited by speedozz
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6.6.2 Examples of actions that are considered as non-roleplay:
An attempt to provoke a police chase, without a realistic reason, also known as “cop baiting” (a realistic reason
would be to divert police units away from an area, where your allies plan to commit a serious crime or are in the
progress of one)

I don't believe I broke this rule here, as I had a realistic reason, that being I was trying to stop my friend from being arrested.

11 hours ago, Jaimuzu said:

I passed the MD a couple times to see what was going on

 I think you have misunderstood me, i was referring to passing the MD before I helped him get away. I did not come back to the scene after the evasion happened, as we spent half an hour picklocking his handcuffs.

From what I have seen elsewhere on the forums if the admin deems the evidence found in your post and the comments to show you breaking the rules, it does not require an additional report for you.

Agreed I don't believe there is any need to back and fourth, unless there is anything else you wish to add.

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And about that /down. The officer never said that i needed to do /down again. And when the came for rescue i did not think about it at all. The police officer should say that i needed to do /down again.  And im not totally sure but i tought the police officer said that it was fine that i wasn't /down anymore. 

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Hello everyone!

After doing some research and watching a full 17 minute video from @ElisabethC I have made judgement.

Lets talk about the entire situation from start to finish. Stranger 9659_9377 // Patrick_Parkers Can be seen laying on the ground at Phillbox hill MD RPing injured. where
EMT-I Elisabeth Cooper. Saw and recognized you from a earlier RP situation. She then calls for LSPD using the department radio. Elisabeth Cooper then asks: "Why did you come to me and not to a general store?" (What is perfectly alright. As a wanted person, or a person that has been seen murdering someone by medics. would never go to a hospital) Elisabeth Cooper then refused to help you, What the LSEMS is allowed to do for multiple reasons. Elisabeth Cooper then calls for LSPD using the following line: MD to PD, we have a patient here who admitted to murder an hour or two ago. Patrick_Parkers then randomly jumps on his feet and walks towards his car like nothing happened. Not in pain or anything of that sort. 

Skipping a few minutes as alot of OOC happends happens. 

Police Officer Joshue_Fellows arrives on scene. Where Patrick_Parkers puts his hands up. and then proceed to talk on the radio while he is being cuffed. (Fail-RPJoshua_Fellows did a /do Resistance? and then you procceed to talk over the radio again. you stopped for a few seconds to type. Then no chat appeared. and you started using the radio again. while Joshua_Fellows was waiting for your RP response. (Non-RP Behavior) Patrick_Parkers While ignoring Joshua_Fellows RP. Then talks OOC saying: "You are impressive to fucking say eatt a burger" "if I fell down from a scooter" "fucking Medic" (OOC insults) You then say: "I weared a mask" That is indeed correct. (Yet your clothes did not change not did your voice as Elisabeth Cooper said back too you) 

Skipping about 7 minutes of VOIP RP.

Patient Stranger 7279_9332 // Thomas_Nick joins back into the game after a code 0 (game crash) Elisabeth Cooper then continues her RP as the rules state she must do.
Then out of no ware Patrick_Parkers runs towards his friend Stranger 7168_1391 // Maksymilian_Kaluza without any RP opens the door. and gets in. (while in handcuffs) While being in handcuffs and opening a door without help or a well RPed attempt. (Non-RP) (For example could have done /me Opens the door using handcuffs, /do I would succeed above 3 and /dice)

my fellow staff members did some research before I replied first to this post. And he found no traces of PM's being used. This does not mean a third party software might have been used. As there is no evidence on that. and Maksymilian_Kaluza story saying that he drove past MD a couple of times. I will not look into that further.


The following punishments will be given:
Stranger 7168_1391 // Maksymilian_Kaluza will not receive any punishments.
Stranger 9659_9377 // Patrick_Parkers will receive:
Non-RP | Offense #1
FailRP | Offense #1
OOC Insults | Offense #1


Report Accepted, Archived.

Kind Regards


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