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Ben Jonsey (ID 171), Eran_Collins (ID 83) FearRP, NRP

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Player(s) being reported: ID 171, ID 83
Date of interaction reported: 31/05/2022
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1654037963

Your character name: Callum Macquoid
Other player(s) involved: Kris Specter

Specific rule(s) broken:
ID 83 had a weapon aimed at him and demands given yet he showed no fear for his life, he also logged off before 15 minutes had passed. ID 171 also ignored demands and showed no fear for their life.

How did the player break the rule(s)?  (300 words maximum)
I arrived at a store robbery, two individuals started running out. I chased ID 83 and had my weapon aimed at him and told him to get on his knees. To this he responded with why would I go on my knees I haven't got anything on me. He proceeded to run away and unlock his bike before getting on and turning on the engine and then fleeing. I contacted an admin at the time but he had already logged out. I didnt get any footage of ID 171 but the other officer Kris_Specter (ID 249) asked them to save their POV as they also failed to listen to demands and flee under gunpoint, and will elaborate further below on what they had done to breach the rules.

Evidence of rule breach
https://outplayed.tv/media/blxPmx (This was my only interaction with either player, but if an extended version is needed I am able to upload it)

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After reviewing this report and the evidence attached to it, we have decided that this report cannot be concluded at this time. We would like to receive a response from the following player(s) to explain their side of the story:

  • [Notified In Game] - Eran_Collins (83) - Can you please explain your rationale in running away from an officer with a gun visibly pointed at you and proceeding to jump on a motorcycle with no protection from being shot at? Also, please provide any footage you have from the incident. 
  • [Notified In Game] - Ben_Jonsey (171) - Can you please explain in your own words, your side of events and provide any footage that you have?


  • [Notified In Game] - Kris_Specter (249) - Can you please explain what happened in the situation from your POV and provide any footage that you have?

If the requested player(s) do not respond within 24 hours, this report will be concluded based on the evidence that has already been provided, to the best of our ability. 

Kraah, Josh- & Jayyy

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Kris Specter (ID 249 during incident)


ID 171 ran out of the store circling around to the back of the store where they had parked their bikes - please note he did have a gun in hand but not pointed or otherwise the entire time, I chased him the entire way with my gun drawn and repeatedly telling him my demands (this is even heard in Callums footage and can be seen with me having my gun pointed as he ran), he got to the back of the store near the bikes but seemed to have an issue with his game potentially as he didn't instantly get on his bike. At this point I had my gun fully pointed at him and telling him to get on his knees to which he responded with ''Okay'' before proceeding to jump on his bike and drive through me to run away, at this point it turned into an Attempted Hit and Run so I opened fire attempting to shoot his tires. 


After the incident was concluded in every other aspect I found out his ID and PM'ed him asking him if he could explain why he broke FearRP to which he responded with ''I had a gun in my hand the entire time bro, why would I fear?'', I then tried to explain to him that simply having a gun in hand does not warrant not prevent him from FearRP completely especially when the intention is not to fire the gun or use it in any way but instead his intention was to hop on his bike and run away. As he no longer interacted I requested that he saves his POV from this. 


Even in Callums footage you can see how close I am to ID 171 right before he drives off and I open fire. Both individuals did the exact same thing and hence got away, borderline rule-playing as they know PD is unlikely to fire due to IC consequence.  


Thank you to the Staff Member who reviews this. I did not have OBS running at the time of the incident. 

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I watched the bodycam from Callum and noticed that you can see the end of my situation.
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So whilst I will agree in retrospect this clip does look bad I would like to contextualise things more; Firstly my logic in running was there was no escalation there to justify me immediately being shot, I am aware of the legality of the police force and know that legally they can't just shoot me if I'm unarmed.

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After reviewing this report and evidence attached to it, we've decided to accept this report and issue the punishments to the following player(s):

  • Eran_Collins (83) - NonRP - | Based on the evidence provided you showed no value for your life when the officer had a weapon pointed at you and could have shot at any moment. You can be heard saying within the evidence “I haven’t got anything on me”, this does not excuse you from the rules and is not excusable for you to not fear for your characters safety. As the rule states " A player is not showing proper fear if they run while on foot/bike or in an unpowered vehicle and a weapon is aimed at them at close range". Whether you think the police has IC reasons to shot you or not doesn't allow you to ignore the rule.


We would also like to add that it is highly recommended for people to record their gameplay so that all evidence can be taken into account in these situations.

If you have received a punishment that you disagree with, feel free to file a punishment appeal following the punishment appeal guidelines and format. If the reporting party suffered a loss greater than $25,000 in value, feel free to file a refund request following the refund request guidelines and format. 

Regards,Moderator Kraah & Senior Support Jayyy - Senior Support Josh

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