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Mikhail Raustin

RDM in bayview.

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Would like to make a report about bayview employees getting shot without much reason.

Player(s) being reported: 4922_3072,6935_7973, 1618_9918, 9628_5944.

Date of rule breach:10/7/2018 (October)
Time of rule breach:Around 12:40 pm UTC

Your characters name:Mikhail Rausstin
Other players involved:Boris Hurezanov, Colin Jones, Ryan Cooper.

Specific rule broken:
5.3.1. Deathmatch is the act of killing or hurting another player or damaging their property intentionally without
having a valid in-character reason to do that. Breaking this rule repeatedly will end in a permanent ban.

(Possible Metagaming rule break so I am adding this here too)
5.1.1. Metagaming is the act of of relaying in-character information through out of character means or using out of
character information that is not available or known to your character in-character For example, your character
cannot see player name tags, therefore while roleplaying you must pretend that you do not know the names of the
strangers around you and would not call them by their stranger ID or mask ID either.

How did the player break the rule?:
First of all they were hanging around for a while, then one of them said "aiming" in Lithuanian language and started shooting (I think this is possible metagaming, as I think he was trying to inform his friend through other means of communication, for example discord/teamspeak/skype. As he was clearly speaking in Lithuanian language, by saying a word "Taikosi" which means aiming (Can be heard at 0:09 in the video). The reason that I think this way is that you should only be using English language while you are in the game. I really don't think it was a mistake)
Funny thing is I posed no threat at all as I didn't even draw my gun tho i got injured first... 
Okay understandable, as seen in the video one mechanic had his gun out, but he wasn't shooting at all. 
On top of that, he just came to make sure I would be sent to the hospital after I clearly was laying on the ground.
Looks like they even planned it, because the guy with a rifle was on the roof already, spraying everybody down.(can be seen in the video too as he jumps down) 
We, at "Bayview", like some nice RP and if we involve guns in it, we make sure to go according with the RP,
however these guys just started playing CS:GO on us. Please watch the video that I am attaching.

Evidence of rule breach: https://plays.tv/video/5bba0b52baa27dc458/rdm-and-whatever

Thanks and looking forward for your reply, Mikhail Rausstin.

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Im mask 1618_9918. First off all Your co-worker aimed at my friend so i started shooting to defend him, and as you know if a faction or friend or allies on your side attack me and my friends, automatically i can attack you also, and why do you expect to not be shot standing in the middle of a firefight, a gun pointed at my friend is posing a threat to his life, so you boys didnt RP anything. everything is in the video, also you are complaining about no RP but how did you RP by standing not giving a fuck about your life.

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He aimed. He have been aiming for like 10 seconds, without shooting. But you shot ME after you finally saw what has been happening. Look at this from my perspective. I was talking with you and you suddenly start shooting me, what the heck? You executed me for absolutely no reason. Whatever the hell was happening I was not a threat to you, even tho you felt like injuring me is not enough. Never even had my gun out. If we are arguing about no RP: my reaction was kind of a natural freeze reaction, then I even RP laying down because of my injuries. While your RP: Saying something in language that you are not supposed to be speaking, then shooting everybody down and at the end executing everybody, while taking their stuff. I don't know why would you even do that, I mean this is not counter-strike, wake up already.

EDIT: And bayview is not a criminal gang, we don't do gang wars and stuff, it makes no sense that you can start shooting me if someone aims at your gang member 50 meters away. 

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After allowing enough time for all parties to respond and review of the evidence, I will conclude this report.

All three players had absolutely no reason to attack Mikhail Rausstin. A fellow employee of his is pointing a weapon at an ally does not give you a valid reason to attack the other employees. 

Michael_Cornway | Mask 1618_9918 will receive their 4th punishment for Deathmatching

Eric_Stapler | Mask 6935_7973 will receive their 1st punishment for Deathmatching.

Sigito_Nemosic | Mask 9628_5944 is currently permanently banned but will receive a log for their 2nd punishment for Deathmatching.

Report Accepted 

Locked & Archived

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