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Shadyar_Rzgar (ID 70) - Powergaming

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Player(s) being reported: ID 70
Date of interaction reported: 25/05/2022
Unix time stamp from HUD: 1653483368

Your character name: Olivia_Devalera
Other player(s) involved: Jonas_Fog Player ID 70

Specific rule(s) broken:

  • Powergaming.  Powergaming is defined as inserting unrealistic actions into a character's actions that would otherwise not be possible in real life, providing non-factual statements in /do, or not allowing other players a chance to roleplay responses and their own actions to your roleplay. 
  • Calling the police after being robbed and having their phone smashed. Not continuing the RP of having a smashed phone. 

How did the player break the rule(s)?  (300 words maximum)\
I was planting in braddocks and Jonas_Fog (ID 65) was hiding in a bush, ID 70 approached and Jonas_Fog (ID 65) began to rob him, I had continued to plant as I was, Jonas had RP'd taking the mans phone and smashing it, as witnessed in the evidence provided. Less than 3 minutes later, SD raided the lab and arrested myself and Jonas. I believe that ID 70 may have called the police after this interaction at braddocks. I asked player 70 to save their POV in PM and asked if they could prove that this did not happen. Their explaination to me was that ID 65 had robbed them at north lab previously but did not take their phone, so they called police before the interraction at braddocks. I understand there is the potential that ID 65 may have had their phone on and potentially was tracked if this was the case. However I do highly doubt this due to the convienient timing of this interaction, that after getting robbed again at braddocks, less than 3 minutes after leaving the police raided the lab. So, I believe at this time that ID 70 broke the powergaming rule as I believe he may have called the police after this interaction, I do not believe he would have had adequate time to RP getting a new phone and then calling the police in less than 3 minutes. 

To add, ID 70 was asked by ID 65 in OOC if he could /takebattery and ID 70 refused this, I did not see the AME for ID 70 actually turning his phone off either. 


Thank you in advance to the staff that will be taking this report.

Evidence of rule breach


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Thank you for your patience as this player report goes under review. After reviewing this report and the evidence attached to it, we have decided that this report cannot be concluded at this time. We would like to receive a response from the following player(s) to explain their side of the story:

  • [@Shadyar8023] Shadyar_Rzgar (70) - Please provide any footage that you may have, unedited.

If the requested player(s) do not respond within 24 hours, this report will be concluded based on the evidence that has already been provided, to the best of our ability. 

Kind Regards,
Moderator SirQubed, Senior Support Spizor & Pixiejewels

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Hello and thanks to @Spizor and @SirQubedfor wasting their time to review this report. this is ID 70 here.

first of all, I had told ID 51 (Olivia Devalera) over PMs to understand me and not going to report me because I already got robbed by ID 65 at north lab and while he was taking my plants I decided to look at his car's plate number and get it after he leave me in north lab I decided to call police and told everything in the call and the plate number of the car as well and told them that hes going to east so they would know where the car is going and told them the driver has a shotgun on his back so they will get force to go into the drug labs, but she didn't take care and she went straight to make this report just for revenge and waste admins time, after I called police I went straight to braddocks with my bike to take some plants and I saw that lady and asked her if she with anyone here and the guy who robbed me at north lab decided to take my phone's battery RPly and smash it then after he told me to leave I decided to go straight to my house and after a while I went back to braddocks to see if they are still here but I saw Police there and I decided to ask them (what happened?) and one of them told me (you're the guy who called Police on the guy who had a shotgun?) I told him (yes) and he said (he is in prison now).

after around 45-50 minutes id 51 (Olivia Devalera) sent me a PM and told me to save my POV which was the situation already ended and I could not save anything of the situation but I told her to not report it because it's just wasting admins time. the logs can show everything if it will be checked by the staff.

edit: I've checked my desktop file to know if I had saved a POV of the situation and I finds a 5mins video after leaving braddocks to city and it will show that I didn't had a phone battery to call Police on them 


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Fair enough, like I said earlier, I don't know exactly what happened and the POV is the only way to prove it, this wasnt for revenge as you keep saying, at the end of the day if you think a rule is broken and you don't have proof the rulebreak didn't happen, then you should make a report and it can be resolved. 

I'd like to revoke this report please.

Thank you for the staff that have dealt with this so far, I appreciate your time. 

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Hi all

As i was involved in the situation, i would like to question how did you find out about us getting caught because your POV is showing that you passed DOC, and then i assume by the time you PMed me in game saying "Unlucky man" you were already all the way in the city, so i just got curious to know how you were you informed about what happened in braddocks,

Thank you

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Thank you for your patience while this report was under review.

After reviewing this report and evidence attached to it, I have decided to deny this report for the following reason(s):

Upon reviewing the evidence involving this report it was determined that the reported party Shadyar_Rzgar (70) never used his phone to alert police of the situation taking place inside of the drug lab. How this information was given to police could have taken place in several different ways that are a IC.

However I will note the importance of remaining respectful in all aspects of the community. Forum reports are never a waste of time for any party involved. Forum reports are submitted due to players believing that a rule was broken and as such all reports should be investigated to our full ability. Comments stating "This report is a waste of everyone's time" or terms such as "petty report" will not be tolerated. 

This decision is final. Unless instructed to, if you post another player report pertaining to this incident, you may be muted from posting on the forums for a temporary period. If you disagree with the outcome of this report, please file an appeal following the appeal guidelines and format.

This report is now locked and archived

Moderator SirQubed
Senior Support 
Spizor & Pixiejewels

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